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4 years ago

Current Projects and Plans

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
Since I'm at university now, a lot of my time will probably be spent on that... but I also have a lot of free time as well, which I intend to spend on different projects. I thought I might as well tell you what they are, though keep in mind that these are only my current plans and not a promise for what's definitely to come.

1 - A Personality Site
I know that few people here are interested in this, but I'm deeply fascinated by personality type stuff and do enjoy writing about it at length. The ∞ temperaments section ∞ of this website apparently earns half - or more - of the total revenue for this site, interestingly, but I don't consider the four temperaments idea to have much use these days, what with all the much better models and such.

So, I've started work on a site which details all of the personality systems that I know of so far. It's far from finished at the moment, but I might finish and open it up relatively soon, since I do enjoy writing about these things and it's not as if there's tons of work to do. It'll allow me to channel my passion into something productive and profitable.

2 - My Main Site
I've yet to decide what to do about Alora Fane and Fig Hunter... I talked about it in the last post; I don't know whether to do the whole 'split site' thing or whether it'd just become a source of ridicule and conflict. I also don't much care for the existing attitude of this site, though, so I don't really know what I can do because I'm certain the undesirable members will flock to whatever new one I have immediately, setting the scene for all those to come and preemptively scaring away sensitive sorts of people. Possibly.

I feel like I need to get this sorted out soon, though, because I can't really do much until I have a 'base' to work from.

3 - DreamQuest
This game is basically finished at the moment, though it needs some refining. I'm unsure how to go about releasing it. I know all the *possibilties* and am not looking for suggestions, but each of them leads down very different paths, and I have to be wary about what those paths will eventually lead to.

The game is intended to update over time, and it's more of a tool than a stand-alone game, so I'm not sure whether a sponsorship-type deal would work. It might be better to include Mochi adverts (or some similar service), but they produce only tiny amounts of income (like $5 per million plays or something stupid like that). Perhaps a better thing is to simply try and get people to come to my own site and play the game there, where they can upload quests and stuff; hopefully the site's own adverts would generate decent income. But I don't know. I don't want to just throw it out into the wild with a really foolish money-making plan. If it weren't for the fact that I need money to survive, I'd have released it already, ages ago.

4 - Miasmon
I've actually got two entirely different versions of Miasmon in development right now! There's one which I've been working on for a couple of years (or rather, I started it that long ago but abandoned it maybe a year ago), which is a top-down RPG sort of thing with pixelated monster graphics and such. It's fully working and I am pleased with many aspects of it... but there were also a ton of things I DIDN'T like about it, like the plot and setting and characters and ugh. It was really hard to work on because I was so uncertain about it.

However, I still play it from time to time, and it is entertaining in its own way. It might be nice to try and get into it again... though I know that it'd have to be a huge game, like Pokemon length, for it to work properly, and I don't know if I can get it ALL done before releasing it. Releasing it in chapters has been my plan from the start, but there's always the difficulty of making sure everything works between chapters, which requires a lot of forward planning. Possibly more than I have! I did it with MARDEK, but I also had to remake the first two chapters because of a lack of proper planning... It's so hard to balance the game for circumstances that won't occur until much, much later.

The OTHER version of Miasmon is designed as yet another gradually updating game, with side-scrolling exploration and so on and so forth. It was originally called Programon, and I've talked about it before. I'm not sure what to do with that one yet. There are so many things about it that I'm really uncertain about.

I could just try to merge the two ideas, but... eh. I don't know. I'll try to come up with something.

5 - Wyrmholes
This is a game involving a character called Fianait, who looks like this!!

It's set in the Alora Fane world, and it'd probably be a standard RPG like MARDEK was. I went through various different ideas before arriving at that concept, but it seems the best way to go about it for several reasons.

I intend to try to make it for Android phones. I've already started experimenting with Android development, but I've got a LOT to learn before I can make anything that actually plays well. So this one won't see the light of day for a long time, if at all. Still, it's something that I'd like to try at some point.

6 - MARDEK 4
I do know that people would want this, and I'd like to work on it too, but I don't know if it'd be sufficiently profitable for the amount of effort it'd require. I'd need to work on it for probably at least a year non-stop, and then my only realistic hope is to go down the sponsorship route again and earn less than $10,000 for all my efforts. That's hardly a respectable yearly salary, is it?

It's something I'd like to get around to once I've got some comfortable, reliable 'revenue streams' set up. Most of the other projects are designed to be those; to be things I can set in motion relatively quickly, which will then generate money on their own while I spend my time on other things (like this site and the temperaments site do already).

So yes. That's what I've got planned for now. I'll try to post about updates whenever there are any!
4 years ago

I have a smartphone now

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
Categories: FH Games PlansThe Site
I've never had a smartphone before. I didn't see the point, since I didn't know anyone or go anywhere or anything. But since I'll be going to university soon, it seems like it'll be valuable.

I'm not sure what to actually DO with it, now that I have it. I hope its map and communication features will become useful once I'm out in that big wide world... but I'm also particularly interested in developing for it. The main reason I've never tried to get my games on phones before is because I never had one, but now that I do, I feel it'd actually be exciting to make games I can play on it! So I think I'm going to experiment with that for a while.

Since I'm also reworking the site, I'm also going to try to make a mobile version of it. Visiting this version on this phone looks ridiculous!

So yes. Hopefully those would be good things for smarphone users (which is basically everyone).

The phone that I have is a Galaxy Samsung S4, if anyone's interested. I thought I might as well get a good one if I was going to get one at all.
6 years ago

Getting back to Miasmon...

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
Categories: FH Games Miasmon
I've been slowly getting back to work on Miasmon this week. I've yet to get back into a pleasant and productive rhythm, but I'm getting there.

It's so hard to get back into something you've not touched for weeks or months, though, or however long it's been. I don't really feel familiar with it, I've forgotten what I was doing, etc.

I'm at an irritating stage of development which I can't wait to get past, but which is hindering progress a bit; it's like wading through quagmire.
I'm not looking for advice or suggestions as such - I'll say that now, and again at the end of the post, since I've learned I must - but I thought it might help me just to write about it, and it may be interesting to you to hear about how game development works or something like that.

Firstly, I'll describe a bit about Miasmon's plot... Just the stuff you'd see at the intro, in the first five minutes, rather than anything too spoilery.
If knowing even the basics is too much of a spoiler for you though, then I'd suggest you stop reading here...!

The game is set on a world called 'Fracture', which 'sort of exploded' or something and which now looks like chunks of the crust - 'islands' - orbiting a naked core... I've described this elsewhere.
The planet was home to an ancient sentient race when it was intact, but humans have colonised the remains. Some of these humans are curious archaeologists who wish to find out about this ancient race, and what caused Fracture to fracture.

One group of archaeologists call themselves the 'Daring Delvers'. They're led by an ambitious man named Crayden, and his partner, Sienna. They've also enlisted the help of Dr Francis Marmalade, the archaeologist/scientist who discovered the monster-training technology of the ancients and reverse-engineered it for human use.

They're low on members, though, so they send out adverts to human colonies on other worlds, looking for applicants (this is very much a sci-fi setting).
Two young humans from two different colonies sign up for the job; a man named Zaffre and a woman named Cerise. They each have their own reasons for wanting to join the Delvers.

You choose to play as one of them, while the other becomes an NPC involved in the story. Generally speaking, most plot scenes would involve both characters speaking, so it wouldn't matter too much which one you were controlling, though there would be some points where dialogue would be different depending on who you were.

The game begins with your character teleporting to one of Fracture's islands to meet up with the Daring Delvers for the first time, who are currently involved in a dig here, trying to find some ruins...

But the point that's got me stuck is the exact sequence of events that should happen here.

It's annoying, planning stories, since it's easy enough to plan the plot in terms of significant events, but then later on you have to worry about the small, trivial 'eventoids' that join the more important ones together. This has always been a problem for me with my games, and I always end up with some workable solution, but as I mentioned, there is that 'wading through quagmire' feeling about it sometimes.

In this case, the start has these events:
- You arrive on the island.
- You meet with your counterpart (that is, the protagonist you aren't playing as); you're both confused about what's going on and why nobody was here to meet you. You introduce yourselves.
- You find and meet Crayden, who gives some 'so there you are' kind of speechy thing before saying that you'll need to get a monster from Francis before you'll be of any use to anyone.
- You must find Francis, who gives you a Protonculus and explains it, and monsters in general, to you.
- You return to Crayden, who 'tests your skill' by battling against you (having a first, safe battle like this before wandering off into the wild is to be expected, surely).
- You're then left to make your way to the nearby ruins by yourself.

Writing out these events is not difficult, and they've already been decided on for ages. But actually coming up with the details of each one is less easy.

Originally, the island was deserted, except for the Delvers; they'd found a new ruin there that nobody else knew about.
You'd appear on a 'portable transporter' - that is, just a round metal tile thing placed outside in some grassy/sandy patch, rather than in a building or anything - and could wander around briefly, before encountering your counterpart, who was standing in place, blocking the only path forwards... You had to talk to them, and they were the first person you talked to.

However, it could be that the island has a small, backwater village on it, which the Delvers are using as a base; they could have been alerted to the presence of the ruins by a report from one of the villagers. The settlement might have a special sort of 'warport' building in it, which contains the teleporter that you warp in on. You may then be greeted by warport staff, or by some friendly yokel, or by your counterpart. Would the person detect you and talk to you before you can move at all, walking up to you before you're even off the teleporter pad? Or would you have to walk around and find her or him by yourself?

There are similar uncertainties about each of the other steps that I mentioned, too...

I'll decide on something eventually, and I repeat that I'm not looking for people to give suggestions or advice as if I'm blind without their wisdom or whatever...
But maybe this gives you some insight into some of the less thrilling parts of game development.