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6 years ago

Weekly Update

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
Why hello there. It seems that I didn't write one of these last week... I suppose I've been trying to take a break from this site, and it's really helped me emotionally to be away from all the trolls and unwanted advice and teenagers and almost-all-male population and stuff... I've been feeling better than I have in a long time.

I've been making progress on Miasmon, slowly but steadily. There's still a lot to do though. I need to do quite a bit of art, still; like a dozen monster sprites, and as many *human* trainer sprites.
For that reason, I spent several days over the last week trying hard to get better at drawing humans, since I don't yet feel confident enough about my skills to be able to draw the trainer sprites... I think I'm getting better, but I don't have anything to show to demonstrate this!

I've also been wondering though about that other game I've had 'in progress' for a while now, called 'Chamaeleon'... It's a platformer that I started months ago, where you control a chameleon with a Yoshi-like tongue that can eat things and change its colour to gain new abilities. Like... when you're blue you can breathe underwater, being purple allows you to double jump, etc.
It's a pleasant enough game to play, if a bit on the plotless side.

It's almost done, though; moreso than Miasmon is. The only reason I didn't finish it months ago was because M  Firequill was supplying some graphics, but emotional stuff came up so we ended up just putting it off for a while... Seems that now I'll just be doing the graphics myself, though. Which is fine, I suppose.

The engine's fully done, as is all the music and stuff, so all I really need to do is make some levels, which shouldn't take all that long. I think I might devote the next week to working on that... which I know seems undesirable since more people want Miasmon than that, but it'd be nice to have this game finished and out of the way so then I no longer have to worry about it, and it'll be nice to have a brief break from Miasmon too. I mean, I AM nearing the end with Miasmon, but the stuff that's left to do is quite exhausting...

Anyway, yes, that. Maybe you'll get to see Chamaeleon before Miasmon, and then maybe Miasmon will be out mere weeks afterwards, which will be a first for me; two games released so close together.
6 years ago

What I have been up to lately...

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
I've been rather quiet and secretive about my game projects lately. This was mainly because of the site transition; I didn't want to post about things here because few people would see them, and I didn't want to post on the old site because it felt so clunky and like there was little point if my posts would be 'lost' soon anyway. I didn't want to post in both places due to the effort involved.

So now I'll try and explain what I've been doing for the last month or two. It'll probably be a long post!

Unfortunately, I've rather been flittering around between several things instead of making solid progress on just one...
It seems that I've spent much of the year thinking about or working on Miasmon, and it was getting rather wearying so I fancied a break.

I think I talked about what I did during that break on the old site somewhat. At first, I started making a text-based adventure game thing, tentatively called 'Marooned', which was inspired by an old game of mine that I dug up. It seemed easy and fun to make, and it would have allowed you to play in a manner of your choosing; you could beat monsters up, or you could befriend them instead, by dancing for them, flirting with them, or whatever you could think of. It had limb-based mechanics, so you could chop off enemies' limbs or lose yours.

I got quite far with it before sort of emotionally 'crashing' and wondering whether I should even be working on it... I mean, a lot of it was sexual - not as a focus, but because I found it amusing and because I wanted to ideally have responses for anything the player might sillily type - and it seemed more and more inappropriate for release... It might be disapproved of by sponsors (what with Americans going into a panic at the sight of a girl's nipple but not batting an eyelid about gorily blowing up heads with rocket launchers), or it might ruin my reputation in some way?
Mainly though I just got tired of working on it, after maybe two weeks or so.

Maybe I'll get back to it one day. Maybe not. I don't know. Here's screenshot to give you an idea of what it was like (that's a man, by the way, holding a damagedly red plank of wood, and wearing a bikini he made for himself out of seashells, coconuts and vines that he found lying around):

After that, I felt compelled to go back to Miasmon, but felt so sick of it that I wasn't making any progress at all. I thought it best to use my time on something else, instead, so I started making a platformer, since they're relatively quick to make and fun to work on.

That went well, actually. I came up with a game called 'Chameleon' (or maybe 'Chamaeleon', with the pretentious 'ae' thing), where you played as - surprisingly - a chameleon, which could pick up objects using its long tongue in a very Yoshi-like way, and could eat certain things to change its colour, giving it different abilities. You could only swim if you were blue, for example, or double jump if you were purple, etc, and gameplay involved switching your colour around by finding and eating things in order to progress past obstacles.

I've finished most of it, including the soundtrack, basically all of the engine, etc. The only reason I stopped working on it is because... well, M  Firequill and I were supposed to be working on it together, sort of, because we'd talked about the idea of combining our skills to produce games faster. She's a brilliant artist, and I struggle with the graphics in my games, so it only seems reasonable that she could help me like I helped her with the music in Vulpin Adventure.
I did much of the graphics in this Chameleon thing, but she was doing the tilesets. It seems though that, uh... emotional issues have come up between us, making her unwilling and/or unable to finish her contributions, so I'm putting it on hold now until we are in better moods or something... It'd probably have been released by now if we were emotionless robots, though.

Anyway, here are some screenshots of that, to show you what it looks like:

I might add a page for it to the Games section soon.

That game was interesting for technical reasons.
Usually when I make a new game, I start the engine from scratch, using similar concepts that I've used on previous games, but never actually directly copy any old code. This is because I usually learn and improve in a way that makes my old code seem sloppy and obsolete, especially now that I've switched from ActionScript 2 to 3.

However, I find myself writing the same bits of code again and again anyway, especially recently since it seems I'm now familiar enough with AS3 to not still be in a 'learning stage' where I use dodgy techniques and stuff.

So with this Chameleon game, I tried making a 'generic platformer engine' alongside it, which it used, with the intention of using that same engine for other future games, to significantly speed up their development.
I've planned this for a while; it was on that 'The Plan' thing at the bottom of the old Games page for at least a year. (Speaking of which, I should add that to this new site at some point...)

Once I decided to leave Chameleon alone for now, I felt very much in the mood to work on Miasmon again, and I still am in the mood.
But when I returned to it, I found that much of the structural stuff was poorly done, especially compared to this generic platformer engine I'd just made...

I wanted to make a generic RPG engine to reuse for multiple games, and was considering doing it after Miasmon was finished... But instead, I just decided to do it now, using Miasmon as the first game. This means that Miasmon has required 'recoding', but thankfully it's not been nearly as major as the recoding of MARDEK 3. It's only set me back a week or two rather than months, since I've been able to salvage a lot of the code; the battle stuff has been kept exactly as it was, for example; really the only difference is in how explorable areas are handled...

Here's surely the most orgasmic screenshot I could possibly have taken of the newest version of the game:

So anyway, I'm now working on Miasmon again, 'recoding' it and sort of trying to get back up to the point where I was before, while making many structural improvements in the process.

To keep me motivated, I'm working by a timetable; this is something I've tried before, but it seems to be working better this time than it usually does. Other lifestyle changes that I'm making are helping too.

So yes, Miasmon. I originally meant to divide the game into three parts, but I'll divide it into four instead, allowing me to release them quicker, especially the first one. It'll probably end up being as long as MARDEK 1; an introduction of sorts to the characters and setting.
Many of the monster species that I've revealed so far probably won't even be in the first part, as a result; they'll be in the second chapter instead.

I'm enjoying working on Miasmon at the moment, and hope to have it ready to play relatively soon. I can't give an idea of a release date, but I'm aiming for about a month away. That doesn't seem too unrealistic... though you should really multiply it by like six so as not to be disappointed. o_O

Excitingly, after Miasmon is done, I'm sort of interested in getting back to MARDEK 4... It too would use this new engine (each game that uses it would be customised to the point where it wouldn't really be apparent; they'd have different battle systems and menu graphics and stuff).
There are technical problems to deal with if I'm to continue the series, though, and I don't know yet how to get around them... I don't want to talk about it right now though; I'll write other blog posts specifically about it when the time is right.

So yes, that's what I've been up to! Now that everyone's here on the new site, I'll update this blog regularly with my progress and thoughts. I've already got some things in mind that I want to write about over the next few days.