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6 years ago

Other Music?

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
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Thank you for the comments about the music in the last post, those of you who commented! While I don't frequently respond to comments, I do read and appreciate them all nonetheless.
I'm glad people liked that music.

The positive reaction to it made me wonder whether I should release some more music like that... so I might indeed do that over the coming days! I've certainly been doing a poor job of sticking with the Miasmon Bestiary drawings, but with this, I actually do already have a bunch of never-before-seen things that I've composed, which I've been wanting to show off for a while now...

They're in several categories:

New Miasmon Music

This is the music I've just recently composed. Either I could show off all the pieces, one at a time, or you could all just wait until the game's released... I don't know what people would prefer. Whether it would 'ruin the surprise' if I showed things off now, or not.

Old Miasmon Music

I've been trying to compose for the game for months, with many failed attempts along the way... Some of these 'failed attempts' are full, finished pieces that just didn't sound quite right to me, not appropriate, but they might be worth showing off anyway for the sake of interest.

Chameleon Music

There's that game called Chameleon that I've almost finished, but which is currently postponed. I've done most of the soundtrack of that, which I could show off before the game is released.

'Gentle' Album

A few months ago, I had the idea that I could make a musical album thing sold using the Bandcamp site, made up of all-new pieces that were composed purely for the album rather than taken from any of my games. It never had a proper title or anything, but the general feel to it was gentle, pleasant music, and the folder they're stored in on my computer is called 'Gentle', so I'm referring to it as that.

I only composed three or four pieces for it, of middling quality... I wanted to do about eight before releasing the album, and kept delaying it to the point where I've no interest in returning to it now; it feels like my style has developed a lot since the stage it was in when I started.

So maybe I'll show them off anyway... though they'll probably just be insipid, pansified fluff to people who are used to the power and energy of rock and metal and things like that. o_O
I'd been learning about yet more music theory at the time when I composed them, so they probably show that I was 'learning new things' in their construction, hmm.

I don't think the album would have sold, anyway. I expect that people would have listened to it and said it was alright, but them actually paying money for it seems hard to imagine. I mean, I bet that a big reason anyone ever bought the MARDEK albums was because they liked the games, but without any emotional mooring, these 'Gentle' pieces would be very forgettable. It's a bit disappointing, but completely understandable and stuff.

'Quest' Album

At about the same time, I tried to do another standalone album thing for solo piano...
I did the MARDEK Piano Collections thing, and tried to start on a second one, but I'd learned more about music theory, and found the MARDEK music hard to adapt since it wasn't structured very intelligently (I didn't even fully understand what chords were when I composed MARDEK's soundtrack)...
The first Piano Collections thing was also too hard for me to play - I'm not a very good pianist, OR arranger - so I tried to make this album a lot simpler; within the range of my skill level. It was only sort of successful... since I can sort of struggle through some of its pieces, at least.

Years ago, I composed a long piano piece called 'Quest 1', which told the story of an adventure via music, so this album was based on a similar theme, with each piece representing a character or location or event or something.

There were meant to be ten pieces, but I only finished six of them, so the 'story' just ends without having gone anywhere. Again, I can't see people wanting to pay money for them, and I can't see myself finishing the other four either, so I may as well release them in blog post things rather than just letting them go unseen completely.

There's a lot of music there... If I released a piece every day in February, I'd probably not get through them all.
I don't know where to start though! I'd consider releasing the newest Miasmon pieces first, but I do wonder whether that would be too spoilery and undesirable for some people.
6 years ago

Weekly Update

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
I didn't write one of these last weekend because that last post was getting quite a few lurkers to comment every day. It still sort of is, but I've got more to report this week than I did last week!

I read every comment on that last post, though there were too many for me to actually reply to; I wanted to reply to some, but it just got so overwhelming!
It's very interesting though to see that people don't post on things for the same kinds of reasons that I don't. I always assumed I was a rarity for not wanting to have my say on every blog, website, or whatever that I came across. But maybe it's not uncommon after all.
I wonder if any of you who posted on that thing will be more active in future? There's no need for you to all go back into hiding!
Thanks a lot for commenting, either way! The response exceeded my expectations by far!

I want to write some more posts like that, addressing specific groups to hear their thoughts, so I might do another soon. I know what it'll be about and everything.

Anyway, Miasmon! I've actually been making really good progress on the main thing that's been holding me back! That is, the music.

I've been struggling with the music for *months*, trying dozens of variations of some 'Main Theme', but nothing was *juuust right*, so I was never satisfied. I thought that once the Main Theme was done, the rest would fall into place naturally enough.

And that indeed seems to be the case!
I finished the Main Theme on Friday after a sudden epiphany about how I could approach it, then yesterday I managed to do a further three pieces.
There are only two left now for this chapter, apart from some jingles for things like a victory fanfare, game over, etc... Annoyingly though, the two that are left are the generic Wild and Trainer Battle pieces. Battle music is always much more difficult for me than area music or character themes, and I've had several failed attempts to do a Wild Battle theme so far...
I've been learning more about composing recently though, both from reading about additional theory stuff that I was unaware of, and from experience with these now-finished new pieces, so maybe my next attempt - today - will be more successful... I hope so!

Once the music's done, there's still quite a lot left to do... but it seems to pale in comparison, and I'll be far more motivated to get around to it if the game has music in it.

So yes! Good! That! It still seems to be 'quite a while away', the release, but hopefully not too long now.

I've also been thinking at length about, and planning in detail, the next game I'll work on after a couple of Miasmon chapters are released.
I'll write about it soon, maybe. It'll be a continuously updating monster catcher game, updated on a weekly or daily basis rather than released all in one go. The setting and title might be that of Beast Signer, but the mechanics won't be the same as the old alpha.
Alternatively, I could come up with a new monster catching setting... but maybe people would prefer me to use that old idea instead, and it'd save planning time and stuff.
Anyway, that's a topic for another post!

Actually, hmm... I wasn't really planning on doing this, but eh, why not?
I'm going to actually include the Main Theme that I made!
It's enclosed in an swf, since I don't want to link to the mp3... I've added a special bit of code that should make it appear here in this post:

One reason I don't much love linking to music I've just freshly composed is because of some specific types of feedback I can get...
I rather like hearing what people think of it, but sometimes music-savvy individuals use the opportunity to show off their thorough knowledge of music jargon and so on, and point out ways I could 'improve' specific bits... That usually makes me end up feeling bitter about the music for various reasons, rather than acting on their, uh, 'advice', so I'd prefer it if you didn't leave any 'this is how I would have done it better' sorts of comments... I mean, I'm satisfied with how it is in all its imperfection, since it's very... mine, even if there are some bits that could be 'better'. I form such a strong emotional bond with my music; more than anything else that I make, so it almost feels like a personal affront when people suggest 'improvements'; moreso than with drawings or my games or whatever.

Anyway! The Main Theme was so very hard to de because I didn't really have a clear idea about how it should sound; the mood I wanted to create. I didn't know what I wanted to accomplish.
Games like Pokemon have energetic, adventurous themes, so I wanted do that for ages... but nothing seemed right. I also wanted to create a sort of mysterious and moody feel, since the game IS about exploring ancient ruins on some fractured corpse of a world; it's all rather darker than Pokemon.
The title screen (which you can see amongst the screenshots on the page for Miasmon in the Games section) is purple and melancholy, so energetic music didn't really fit it...
I seem to naturally tend towards these moody main themes anyway, perhaps because of my own personality? MARDEK's wasn't exactly a lively jig, and Raider's was perhaps ludicrously and inappropriately maudlin.
CBC's totally takes the biscuit though; that was like a funeral dirge!! Totally!1 o_O

But yes, it has some sort of 'mysterious' and 'contemplative' feel, meant to be evocative of old ruins, of mysteries, and so on.
I'm just glad it's done.

Oh, and it loops. Forever!1