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4 years ago

DreamQuest, Strict Moderation, and Gamer MBTI!

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I have three things to talk about today!

First of all, I'm making progress with 'DreamQuest'... which I'm probably likely to rename to something like "Alora Fane: Creation" for various reasons. Probably. Perhaps.

The actual quest-making aspects of it have been 95% done for a long time now, but what I want to do before releasing it is to make and include some quests of my own that tell a hopefully interesting story. There'd probably be six of them, each maybe about 15 minutes long or so, so it wouldn't be some immensely long thing like MARDEK or anything, but that means it wouldn't take as long to make.

I've been trying to write the plot over the last few days, and I've got the basic skeleton sorted out now! I just need to flesh in some details, then get to work on it making quests from it, which shouldn't take all that long... though I'll be getting Pokemon X tomorrow, hopefully, so I'll probably be distracted by that for a while!!

I haven't got anything particularly interesting to say about the game other than that, but when it is released, that's what you'll be able to expect: not just a game-making tool, but also a full story by me set in the Alora Fane world, with a probably similar feel to MARDEK. Sort of.

When that game is releasable, I'll also open up the other site that I've been working on. The one with the four factions and such. I've talked about this many times before, but I really do want to ensure that it ends up being the sort of place that I can enjoy, rather than a place I have to endure or seek escape from.

Moderation on Fig Hunter has always been very lenient, giving troublemakers and pests far too many chances. I always feared some kind of mutiny, since it seemed that everyone jumped to the defence of anyone - no matter how vile they were - the moment a ban was suggested. However, I'm going to be much more strict with this new site. ∞ This thing ∞ is, I think, a good description of what happened to Fig Hunter, as well as a good way of ensuring that it won't happen again.

So that's something to keep in mind. It means that some people won't last a day there, much to the delight of many others.

Finally, I was in a lecture for my Game Art course thing today talking about game design and players and such, and the lecturer guy started talking about MYERS-BRIGGS at length. You can imagine my elation!!1 He went on about how it corresponds to different play style preferences, or 'Bartle types', which are basically the four 'temperaments' (not THOSE temperaments) that the Myers-Briggs types are commonly classed under (Protectors, Creators, Intellectuals, and Visionaries).

These Bartle types use two different dichotomies: 'change' and 'structure', and 'internals' and 'externals'. They are:

Killers - These types correspond to the SP Myers-Briggs types (the yellow ones; ISTP, ESTP, ISFP, ESFP). They are SENSATION-SEEKING and like EXTERNAL CHANGE; basically they want to alter the state of the game world through force. They tend to prefer games that are about visceral sensations, like killing things, blowing stuff up, fighting things, etc. It doesn't necessarily need to be violence (though it usually is); anything that essentially makes them feel like they have power over the game or other entities in the game. A quote:
Killers (or, as I prefer to call them, Manipulators) ... can be difficult to understand in a gameplay context because most virtual worlds have encoded rules that marginalize their play style as "griefing" (i.e., upsetting other players) and try to prevent it. As Bartle puts it, "Killers get their kicks from imposing themselves on others." He also points out that Killers "wish only to demonstrate their superiority over fellow humans."

They tend to prefer FPS, action, and Fighting genres, probably.

Achievers - These types correspond to the SJ types (the red ones; ISTJ, ESTJ, ISFJ, ESFJ). They are SECURITY-SEEKING and like EXTERNAL STRUCTURE; they are concerned with things like building stats, getting achievements, gathering resources, either building or hoarding or things like that. Essentially, they like to COLLECT stuff, and build up foundations that give them security. They're actually fond of grinding, which other types might consider an arduous chore.
"Achievers regard points-gathering and rising in levels as their main goal" and "Achievers are proud of their formal status in the game's built-in level hierarchy, and of how short a time they took to reach it." Leveling up, leaderboards, and the accumulation of vast quantities of looted items are all behaviors that are driven more by a security-seeking motivation than by other motivations such as powerful sensations, understanding or self-growth.

As such, I imagine they're fond of things like RTS, stat- and loot-heavy RPGs, and perhaps MMORPGs?

Explorers - These types correspond to NT types (the green ones; INTJ, ENTJ, INTP, ENTP). They are KNOWLEDGE-SEEKING and like INTERNAL STRUCTURE; they enjoy things like understanding the world's lore, or might want to try to talk to every NPC they come across in order to have all of the information available.
As Bartle describes Explorers: "The real fun comes only from discovery, and making the most complete set of maps in existence." Of the core motivations -- sensation-seeking, security-seeking, knowledge-seeking, and identity-seeking -- exploration as "discovery" is most closely aligned with the Rational's knowledge-seeking preference. For the Rational/Explorer, once the principle behind the data is revealed, that's enough -- understanding is its own reward. These gamers can enjoy imparting knowledge to others, but no extrinsic reward for doing so is needed or expected.

I bet they love the Elder Scrolls games!!1

Socialisers - These types correspond to the NF types (the blue ones; INFJ, ENFJ, INFP, ENFP). They are IDENTITY-SEEKING and like INTERNAL CHANGE; they enjoy plots, social interaction, character growth, etc.
Socializers are described by Bartle as "... interested in people, and what they have to say. ... Inter-player relationships are important ... seeing [people] grow as individuals, maturing over time. ... The only ultimately fulfilling thing is ... getting to know people, to understand them, and to form beautiful, lasting relationships."

In the lecture, we each had to mention our FAVOURITE GAME, and while I almost totally said MARDEK (totally), I ended up saying Xenoblade Chronicles. It's not my favourite game ever, but I did enjoy it a lot, and thought I'd have some interesting things to say about it if I was asked. And I was asked! One of the things I said I liked about it was how the innumerable sidequests actually affected the relationships of NPCs, which they did; each town place thing had a bunch of named NPCs, and a special menu thing showed a web of their relationships with eachother, like ∞ this ∞. Doing quests changed these relationships; you might get two people to fall in love, or hate eachother, or maybe one person's respect for another would increase and so on. That was infinitely more satisfying to me than just getting a bunch of loot or experience or whatever (I think you also sometimes got items, but I barely cared about those at all).
And in MARDEK, I included the talk-to-your-allies thing and focused a lot on character and dialogue and so on because, well, they're the most important things to me.

Killers want to beat people;
Achievers want to collect stuff;
Explorers want to learn about stuff;
Socialisers want to learn about people.

OBVIOUSLY we all have many different, overlapping reasons for playing games. Obviously! I know that I enjoy marveling at and exploring fantastical worlds; it's one of the reasons that the aforementioned Xenoblade Chronicles really appealed to me. However, we might find that if a game doesn't have our preferred gaming style thing, then we're not likely to enjoy it very much.
I've played - and to some extent even enjoyed - fighting games before, but I would never count them amongst my favourite games because they lack 'social' elements like a plot or character development. I also hate games like Tetris or Angry Birds because they're devoid of the whole reason that I enjoy games at all. This is something I've always known, though it's interesting how it lines up with personality types like this!

Interestingly, I think games that tend to be liked by the widest variety of people - Zelda games, for example - tend to appeal to all of these four gaming types. Zelda has story, stat-building, combat, and collection, so it caters to everyone... though different people might be enjoying it in different ways. I'm reminded of how I'd always raise an eyebrow at people who talked about loving FFVII, then talking about their party's build and how they'd reached level 99 and so on and so forth, since I would have said I loved it because of the plot. Surely they would have liked the plot too, just as I got at least something out of beating Ruby Weapon, but I suppose our *priorities* were different, leading to us talking about the experience in different terms.

This is all just something to think about, really! It makes me aware of how better to structure my own games, though!
4 years ago

Current Projects and Plans

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Since I'm at university now, a lot of my time will probably be spent on that... but I also have a lot of free time as well, which I intend to spend on different projects. I thought I might as well tell you what they are, though keep in mind that these are only my current plans and not a promise for what's definitely to come.

1 - A Personality Site
I know that few people here are interested in this, but I'm deeply fascinated by personality type stuff and do enjoy writing about it at length. The ∞ temperaments section ∞ of this website apparently earns half - or more - of the total revenue for this site, interestingly, but I don't consider the four temperaments idea to have much use these days, what with all the much better models and such.

So, I've started work on a site which details all of the personality systems that I know of so far. It's far from finished at the moment, but I might finish and open it up relatively soon, since I do enjoy writing about these things and it's not as if there's tons of work to do. It'll allow me to channel my passion into something productive and profitable.

2 - My Main Site
I've yet to decide what to do about Alora Fane and Fig Hunter... I talked about it in the last post; I don't know whether to do the whole 'split site' thing or whether it'd just become a source of ridicule and conflict. I also don't much care for the existing attitude of this site, though, so I don't really know what I can do because I'm certain the undesirable members will flock to whatever new one I have immediately, setting the scene for all those to come and preemptively scaring away sensitive sorts of people. Possibly.

I feel like I need to get this sorted out soon, though, because I can't really do much until I have a 'base' to work from.

3 - DreamQuest
This game is basically finished at the moment, though it needs some refining. I'm unsure how to go about releasing it. I know all the *possibilties* and am not looking for suggestions, but each of them leads down very different paths, and I have to be wary about what those paths will eventually lead to.

The game is intended to update over time, and it's more of a tool than a stand-alone game, so I'm not sure whether a sponsorship-type deal would work. It might be better to include Mochi adverts (or some similar service), but they produce only tiny amounts of income (like $5 per million plays or something stupid like that). Perhaps a better thing is to simply try and get people to come to my own site and play the game there, where they can upload quests and stuff; hopefully the site's own adverts would generate decent income. But I don't know. I don't want to just throw it out into the wild with a really foolish money-making plan. If it weren't for the fact that I need money to survive, I'd have released it already, ages ago.

4 - Miasmon
I've actually got two entirely different versions of Miasmon in development right now! There's one which I've been working on for a couple of years (or rather, I started it that long ago but abandoned it maybe a year ago), which is a top-down RPG sort of thing with pixelated monster graphics and such. It's fully working and I am pleased with many aspects of it... but there were also a ton of things I DIDN'T like about it, like the plot and setting and characters and ugh. It was really hard to work on because I was so uncertain about it.

However, I still play it from time to time, and it is entertaining in its own way. It might be nice to try and get into it again... though I know that it'd have to be a huge game, like Pokemon length, for it to work properly, and I don't know if I can get it ALL done before releasing it. Releasing it in chapters has been my plan from the start, but there's always the difficulty of making sure everything works between chapters, which requires a lot of forward planning. Possibly more than I have! I did it with MARDEK, but I also had to remake the first two chapters because of a lack of proper planning... It's so hard to balance the game for circumstances that won't occur until much, much later.

The OTHER version of Miasmon is designed as yet another gradually updating game, with side-scrolling exploration and so on and so forth. It was originally called Programon, and I've talked about it before. I'm not sure what to do with that one yet. There are so many things about it that I'm really uncertain about.

I could just try to merge the two ideas, but... eh. I don't know. I'll try to come up with something.

5 - Wyrmholes
This is a game involving a character called Fianait, who looks like this!!

It's set in the Alora Fane world, and it'd probably be a standard RPG like MARDEK was. I went through various different ideas before arriving at that concept, but it seems the best way to go about it for several reasons.

I intend to try to make it for Android phones. I've already started experimenting with Android development, but I've got a LOT to learn before I can make anything that actually plays well. So this one won't see the light of day for a long time, if at all. Still, it's something that I'd like to try at some point.

6 - MARDEK 4
I do know that people would want this, and I'd like to work on it too, but I don't know if it'd be sufficiently profitable for the amount of effort it'd require. I'd need to work on it for probably at least a year non-stop, and then my only realistic hope is to go down the sponsorship route again and earn less than $10,000 for all my efforts. That's hardly a respectable yearly salary, is it?

It's something I'd like to get around to once I've got some comfortable, reliable 'revenue streams' set up. Most of the other projects are designed to be those; to be things I can set in motion relatively quickly, which will then generate money on their own while I spend my time on other things (like this site and the temperaments site do already).

So yes. That's what I've got planned for now. I'll try to post about updates whenever there are any!
4 years ago


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HELLO THERE. It's been a while since I last updated this thing, I realise!

I've been busy planning and mentally preparing myself for university, which will be a big, massive, huge, enormous change to my life because I've spent the last five or six years effectively living under a rock, hiding away from the real world. I'll be involving myself in a whole community full of strangers, and it's both terrifying and exciting.

It's an art-based university in a nice little town, and in many ways it seems ideal. I'm going to be doing a Video Game Art course, but I'm more interested in meeting people I might have some kind of emotional bond with. People 'like me' in terms of ethics, values, etc. It'd be nice to have real life friends for the first time in years. Maybe I can even find love!!!1

I've not made much game-related progress because of all that, but I'm hoping to change that soon. This big life change is sure to give me the boost that I need, and it'll renew my creativity and motivation and allow me to make games as I once did. I hope!!

ACTUALLY, there is something that I want to talk about relating to this site. I can't remember if I've already talked about it before, but I'll do so now anyway because it's important.

I've already made it clear that this site has an atmosphere that causes me distress, due to personality clashes and such. I've also talked about how I've been making another site to rectify the situation. But it seems like something that might cause yet more conflict, or it might make some people feel neglected, etc. (Hmm, I'm sure I've talked about this before... Oh well.)

The other site is mainly designed for ~sensitive~ types like me. People who dislike bluntness, force, aggression, tactlessness, insensitivity, argument, conflict, and so on and so forth. A place where you can talk about deeper feelings and get empathy and understanding rather than cold debates or criticism.

I'm aware that that's not the kind of place where many Fig Hunter regulars would belong.

BUT I also don't want to have some kind of 'private club' feel, making everyone else feel left out, because I can see that leading to lots of trouble.

However, a problem is that the games that are made for that other site are directly linked to it, meaning that you sort of have to have an account over there to play them. This is less than ideal, because it means that many members will join but might feel unwelcome. Or THEY might not feel any discomfort about joining, but the intended audience might not prefer their company.

Ideally, I'd like Fig Hunter to be the sort of place where people comfortable with debate and 'intelligent discussion' can come without worrying about stepping on sensitive peoples' feelings, while the other site will be for those more delicate flowers like myself.

However, the games themselves might be in a separate place, a kind of central hub, where members from both communities can access them. That means that effectively, accounts would be shared between the two different websites... or rather, Fig Hunter, the other place, and the games would each be subsections of one main site.

Maybe you'd be able to specify your 'allegiance' by having the icon of your preferred site alongside your username (optionally). I don't really want to create an 'us vs them' mentality, but it could be a way of showing your preferences or something.

Each portion of the site would have its own forum sections, while the gaming place in the centre would have its own forum too, specifically about the games. Maybe.

Issues arise, however! Currently, both sites exist, and both have accounts which have activity and memories linked to them. The EASIEST way to go about this triune site concept would be to require people from both sites to make entirely new accounts... but I can see that being met with opposition. It'd be a fresh start, I suppose, but maybe TOO fresh? I'm unsure how to merge the two databases safely, otherwise.

Anyway, it's still just an idea at this point.

OTHER THAN THAT, I've discovered yet another personality type thing that seems as valuable and useful to me as Myers-Briggs and the Enneagram. It's called Socionics! While Myers-Briggs covers how you process information, and the enneagram covers your drives and fears, socionics covers how you interact with others. What kinds of things you like to talk about, how you assert yourself, what gives you social confidence and satisfaction, etc.

My type is apparently EII, which is an 'ethical intuitive introvert'. If for whatever reason you're interested in learning more about me, ∞ this thing ∞ is a really, really accurate description and it fits me like a glove!

If you're curious about your own type, there's a ∞ test ∞ on that site, though you shouldn't rely on it too much. If you get something like EII, for example, maybe you're IEI instead (which is very different). So it's best to read the full descriptions before deciding.

Me being an EII explains a whole lot about things I've written extensively about in the past. It explains what I want to do with my other site, and the kinds of subjects I like to talk about. I feel like I've learned a lot from it!

So yes. Socionics. I bet that's totally as exciting a present as a new game, right? Surely.