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6 years ago

Progress Report

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
I didn't write a Weekly Update this week, apparently, so I thought I may as well inform you of what's going on with Miasmon...

Beta testing is still going on, and there are many bugs to fix, graphics to add, mechanics to change... so that's going to take quite a bit of time, I'm afraid.

What's going to take even more time though is completely writing the plot. It seems that the current plot was inadequate to the testers, something that I don't disagree with, so I'd like to rewrite it.
I'd use the same 'ingredients' and everything - the characters that I've developed, the world, and of course the mechanics, graphics, etc; all the assets that I've made.
But the plot probably does need rewriting since it has no central conflict to it, or goals, and doesn't really go anywhere at the moment. It'll be a rearranging of parts rather than starting with a clean slate.

This is a set-back, and will make testing take even longer, but hopefully it'll produce a better game.

I'm not sure that I can give an estimation of how long anything will take, though. I'm halfway through planning a better plot at the moment.

Also, aren't Blurbs such wonderful things? Yes, THAT was totally a great idea. Looking at my own blurbs page makes me feel so happy, so glad to have made this site and to spend time here.
6 years ago

Beta Testing is beginning!

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
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Yes, finally, I may be starting the beta test for Miasmon! Maybe. Perhaps. I think I've got it ready now, but it's scary to actually finally show it to people after working on it in private for so long. By the time most people read this, though, the testing may have already begun.

People keep asking me if I've finished choosing testers, or whether they're 'too late'. I tried to explain in another post that the choosing won't work this way.
It's very informal, and there's no 'choosing stage' that has formally 'ended' or anything. Since testers will have the position permanently, I'll choose new ones periodically.

What I'm going to do with Miasmon specifically is let this first group play it first, then I'll fix up some things that they report, and then select a second wave of testers who'll be able to play the fixed-up version in a way that the original testers no longer could.
So if you've not been chosen yet, it doesn't mean that you won't be chosen at all.
6 years ago

About Beta Testing

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
Categories: Beta Testing
Miasmon isn't really as finished as I'd like just yet, but I may as well actually start choosing beta testers soon from those who applied.

Originally, I planned to choose people for just Miasmon... but I think that I'll maybe make the beta tester position more permanent.

What I mean is that, rather than waiting until my games were fully finished before testing them, I could seek feedback about them in their earliest alpha stages, so then I could know what people think throughout the entire development process, which would hopefully result in better games.
Only chosen beta testers would be able to see these alpha stages, though.

That means that if I choose you as a beta tester now, you'll stay as one unless you misbehave, and will be able to see any future games as they're being made! Isn't that exciting?!

It also means that I'd probably be often on the look out for new testers... though I wouldn't want to be pestered constantly about it by people that I didn't recognise at all.

At the moment, I'm building a part of the site to upload games for testing, so that'll probably take much of the rest of the day. Then I may choose testers... and might upload Miasmon within the next few days, if I'm up to it.