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5 years ago

Programon = Miasmon

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
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I'm thinking of making Programon and Miasmon into one combined thing!

I worked on Miasmon, as it is now, for a long time... but it's getting harder and harder to even so much as look at it, and I feel like in many ways, I've designed my way into a corner which is very difficult to get out of. Bland characters, too many monsters, an awkward split between chapters and all the problems that would bring... However, there are some aspects of it I'm rather proud of, like the music, setting, and some monster designs.

Programon, on the other hand, has been coming along well enough, but I'm not sure about the setting. I've been seeing it as a 'reboot' of Beast Signer, where the game takes place in a virtual world and the monsters are born of bugs in the code. Each of the small, weekly-added Worlds you'd visit would be a separate server or something.
But it just doesn't interest me for some reason... and it seems too similar to Digimon, probably; some Digimon games had an identical plot and setting, where you ventured into a virtual world and battled with monsters made of data.

Combining the two would be easy! I've been coding the engine of Programon, but I've not done much setting-related stuff yet, so there's nothing to erase there. I could make the setting Fracture, and each world would be one of the many tiny islands orbiting the naked core.
I could reuse music and monster designs from Miasmon, and I could add Plot Missions that would tell the story that that game was originally going to tell.

The idea of capturing monsters formed by thoughts from an omnipresent miasma in special gauntlets reverse-engineered from the technology of dead ancients is perhaps slightly more interesting than a Digimon clone! Slightly.

There are a bunch of other reasons why this is a good idea, but, well, I think I've made my decision, and it seems like the best course of action.
It's a shame to think of never finishing the top-down version of Miasmon, but I suppose I could upload the unfinished version to the 'Miasmon Online' site in the future or something, so people can at least see what it was like!

So yes! That's news! I bet everyone hates it though!!1
5 years ago


◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
Oh, sorry, I've been avoiding this place recently, so I keep forgetting to add Weekly Updates.

I've been doing more work on Programon, but I've also resumed work on the RPG sequel to Clarence's Big Chance. Working on two games at the same time seems to be working well enough, because when I lose the motivation to do work on one, I can switch to the other for a short while, and I end up juggling them between days like that and getting more done than I would if I just spent that 'developer block' time procrastinating and praying to my heathen gods for some kind of magical motivation boost.

Clarence RPG is fun to work on because it's a pure comedy game, so I can just be silly without worrying about too much really making all that much sense. Rather than rambling on about it, I'll show you a dozen screenshots:

I've also been doing concept art for Programon... I can't remember whether I've mentioned this or not already, but you can make your trainer one of five different races. It's a purely cosmetic choice, because your trainer probably won't DO anything (or if they do, your race won't be a factor), but I thought it'd be a nice bit of customisation for players to enjoy.

Here are five sketchy drawings of the as-of-yet-unnamed races:

So yes! Screenshots. Progress. I'm still alive, and so on.
5 years ago

Weekly Update - 'Programon' Progress

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
I've been working more on this 'Programon' project over the last week. There's not really a whole lot to say about it though; I'm still focusing on all the necessary technical stuff to get all the engine and mechanics set up, and it's not really very interesting. I'll show you what it looks like at the moment through these three screenshots:

This is what the platforming 'Field' section looks like at the moment; obviously I've not bothered adding any proper tilesets or anything yet. It all works and you can jump around and travel between areas and stuff, though, and when you collide with that monster there - which is using a recoloured version of graphics from Chamaeleon or the time being - you enter a battle.
Your player character has a dynamic appearance; the face and hair change. They're currently randomly generated when the game begins, but eventually they'll be customisable through a character creator, of course.

This is the menu that opens when you press Enter. It's not too interesting yet. The red box at the left there would show the battle model of the monster that the cursor is over, but I haven't added any models yet.
Like in Miasmon, each monster is represented by a little sprite that shows its body type and element. These ones are cuter-looking than the ones used in Miasmon!
I've only done this page of the menu at the moment.

This is what the battles look like at the moment. HOW IMPRESSIVE, and so on.
The red boxes are an intentional and permanent feature that will continue to exist in the final version, because I think that's better than having graphics for trainers and monsters. Yes. Totally. Or not.
Each monster can have eight moves, which are represented here by an icon that shows their attack type (the three marks like a claw mark represent physical attacks, and the rectangular yin-yang thing is a buff), coloured based on their element. The power, accuracy and element of each move is shown on the left there, and its name is on the right. The ← and ... buttons mean 'unsummon' and 'wait', both of which work the same way as in Beast Signer Alpha.
Interestingly, there'd perhaps be nothing like MP/SP/PP or whatever that made moves cost anything, and you'd be able to use any ability freely... I wonder whether this will be balanced and enjoyable, or not. I can always change it based on how it feels to play.

So yes. I am doing things! I've also been drawing; look, wolves!1

It feels like it'll probably be at least a month before Programon is playable and testable and stuff... but I'm going to keep working hard at it!