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4 years ago

More Miasmon Stuff!

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
I've written more about Miasmon on the Alora Fane blog: ∞ LINK ∞

I only plan to play around with this for a bit before getting back to AFC, then I'll likely return to this after that's finished, but for now it's serving as a nice little project. I'm excited about it! Also, it'll probably be a mobile game.

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As an Engineer, I found you using isometric grid paper simply orgasmic.

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I don't know how much additional work it would require, but it might be a good idea to make this game available on PC, too, even if you don't change anything. (In other words, I would appreciate it if you would publish it on PC as well as on mobile phone.)

For one thing, while I don't have statistics supporting this opinion, I think that people are more likely to spend money on items in PC games than those in mobile phone games.

Additionally, PC games probably still have a wider market than mobile phone games, even with the Flash game market being virtually dead (once again, no supporting statistics).

Finally, the selfish reason, chances are a noticeable number of your fans don't have the type of phone that would be needed to play this game.

Of course, this entire post is really quite pointless, as I highly doubt that you are reading the comments here.

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Considering how much easier it is to pay through a phone rather than through the entire internet hassle, I think if people KNOW Pseudo they'd easily buy the game on a phone.

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Hey Lone (can I call you that?) I just made an account on your blog to make this post. You see, I've played almost all your games on this site, and I'm trully liking the way Miasmon is playing out, especially the part about teams going and making monsters out of gems x) So, yeah, I wanted to say that to go on with the evolutive way, you could make the advanced one's need more gem(s) beside de basic one's, AND a familliarity level, so you'd need to train with the basic one's to get the advanced, while still retaining the familliarity level for the whole "race", you know? Just an opinion, tough, I would still like to play it if the game was made with teams of monsters, but that would get really troublesome unless the monsters we're of the groups, not the person's (wich would make it less satisfying, I think), and, trully, I'd prefer to "make" the monsters, even more if they we're unique and evolutive in themselves, besides just on race ^^

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Sudeo, imo, you'll making a big mistake by ignoring your dedicated PC fanbase.