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I probably will work on MARDEK some more!!
But it's most likely going to be an episodic reboot of the series, starting from the beginning with many altered ideas.
Change is good, right? Why, there's nothing that people like more than seeing the things they've grown attached to changed almost beyond recognition.

Anyway, I wrote about it at length here: ∞ LINK ∞

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OK I don't think I need to type much to support you I just like every bit of the remake (except the artwork, of course there are something's not everyone can like.
The reboot is great keep working on it and in no time you will have trillions multiplied by trillions multiplied by trillions of supporters.

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Macheman7 19 United States SanguineMelancholic INFJ 4w5 289C
FH is, like, totally dead, bro.
∞ LINK ∞ is the place to be, now. Also, Pseudo is kinda disappeared, too.
Awesome that you have such a supportive attitude, though.

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As someone who's been following MARDEK from the time when Fighunter accounts had horsepower, in spite of my general hatred for remakes and reinventions, I'm terrifically excited about this.

I absolutely adore the whole sentimancy concept. It's a magnificent idea. Merging mechanics with plot is really great, too, especially if combat strategy could be at all representative of "how people work" - that fighting a battle might be closer to resolving an emotional dispute with a friend or having an argument (with rhetoric and so forth) rather than counting numbers and estimating probabilities. Although this is probably quite unfeasible and irrelevant.

I'd also like to point out that I go through webcomic archives often enough, and know several other people who do the same. I would urge for non-railroaded (modular?) plot lines if at all possible. Maybe with regards to smaller, less relevant details, or reusing part of the amazing procedural generation you were telling us about with 7 Heavens 9 Hells?

I congratulate you from the very depth of my heart finding such a passion and excitement.

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QuietThinker 23 United Kingdom INTP 595 2C
Do what you want. This is your baby, and I seriously love it to bits. The narrative style is awesome, even if some plot points were made a bit too in-your-face in Mardek 3 with Duegan.. Don't get me wrong, it was awesome in Mardek 2 how the villagers were talking about the zombie proof cave! That still cracks me up! XD

I will say that it was annoying having to level all your characters individually though: Mardek would end up super powerful compared to everyone else (although maybe that was the point?) and that got a little annoying gameplay wise.. It might be good to make it so a percentage of all exp gets shared among party members, so that you'll still get the disparity in leveling, but it wouldn't be so severe? Just a little suggestion :)

And you have to bring back the dreamstones. They were just.. really well written, and really well executed. I have never seen any game handle 'audio logs' so damned well. They are what collectibles should be! Please include them again!

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anakin123 19 Belgium MelancholicPhlegmatic INFJ 459 282C
We'll see how this turns out then.
As a fair warning; releasing episodic things seems (note; I only talk out of my own experience, so that's a teenager's view. I imagine adults would not have the same tendency, maybe) something that gets quit sooner or later due to lack of interest, forgetting, etc. Though, come to think of it, since it's your income, you probably wouldn't forget it...

Anyways; nothing I've read seems 'bad' per se (though it depends on who the "a specific" and "some" characters are in your talk about the Gender and complete write-out of some characters), and might be interesting to actually see in action. So I wonder how that'll go.

I'll be 100% honest when I say I'm not sure how having these sentiments will feel, especially after being used to LIGHT mardek, but I guess we'll see how that fares too.

Finally; if you take a look at how many people play things like Dragonfable and Adventurequest and Mechquest and so on, I imagine you'd get some donations through pateon, but it might be temporarily. Where it starts good and then slows down since people don't find it "OMG MARDEK IS OUT YEA YEA" anymore after a long period of time.

There. My thoughts. I kinda hope they don't just get thrown into the pit of unread comments, but well... Hah.

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I noticed that with only 6 sentiments, one of the GdM will have to be thrown out - I suspect we will see a merged version of Anu and Balthazar.

I'm trying my guess at GdM's sentiments...

Rohoph - Courage (that requires getting rid of element compatibility requirement or scrapping Mardek-as-Bliss idea)
Moric - Fear
Qualna - Creation
Gaspar - Destruction
Melchior - Bliss
Balthazar/Anu - Sorrow

Perhaps instead of Violet Crystal, Rohoph might have been separated by taking action when others decided not to? I mean, at first we were to make the assumption that he was immune to the Violet Crystal because of his Light element - it would make sense if Pseudo replaced it with something that had... well, something to do with his sentiment, if it really is Courage.

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Pyro 21 United States PhlegmaticCholeric ISTJ 2C
One of the things I liked the most about MARDEK is the antagonists I looked forward to seeing their motivations, plans, full fledged personalities.

And if what you say about the 'new' Mardek being 'Character-driven, not plot-driven' then I'm with you 99 percent about the possible changes excluding my personal gripes about the element motif of the series or whatever you'd call it being discarded, either way I'm with ya, if the reboot even happens.

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toen6 23 Netherlands SanguinePhlegmatic INTJ 9w8 11C
Well well.

Years I've not visited this website. I come back to play some old MARDEK and what do you know? It's back(sort of)! It's great to see you're so excited for this. At first is was kind of dissappointed with the episodic content and the Alora Fane setting but after reading your Alora Fane link I'm really excited!

Personally I really like the ideas of no levels and set characters in situations. I like games where I'm put in a situation with finite stuff to work with, especially in battle sequences and the like. And one of my biggest annoyances with MARDEK 3 was that I couldn't see every character's reaction to a plot development. In MARDEK 2 I always switched Zach for Vern to know what he had to say.

And while at first I was sort of put off by the Alora Fane setting, that's mostly because it's unfamilliar to me. Now that I think about it I'd love to see a new unviserse of your hand. Especially with the old story still in it!

The only thing I really miss is elements. And not for the reason you think. While I originally liked the concept, over the years I started to see that they're sort of generic(and once again I know nothing about the sentiments system which creates something new for me to explore). No the thing I'm going to miss about them is their symbols.

I LOVED the design of the elemental symbols. They're beautiful in their simple but representative design. I still draw them whenever I've got nothing better to do.

Anyway it's great to see more MARDEK and it's even more great to see you're so excited about it.

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Elements were great, and I believe they were used much more creatively in MARDEK than in any other media this site is named after one of them, after all.

I'm... going to miss the old MARDEK.

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At this point, it's been so long that I'm all for more Mardek content. Changes or not, if it lives up to Pseudo's standards (which seem to have only gone up over time) it'll probably work out great. The problem I see with episodic content though is that once a series goes this way, people will expect that content to come regularly, and if it's delayed for ANYTHING, people get angry. If everything arrives on time, everything will be great. If not, well...

Now, I don't want to be a scornful wretch who will assume Pseudo will do this before anything has even happened. But, and I mean this in the most respectful way I can, I'm simply not used to expecting regular content from him. There have been too many delayed and/or abandoned projects for me to let that go lightly. The hopeful part of me that has kept track of this site for 6 years or more wants to believe that Pseudo can do it. The skeptical part tells me not to expect it.

(Man it stings to write that out. But after the preorder disasters of recent times (The only one I've done was Total War: Rome 2... *shudder*), I cannot expect anything more out of ANYONE, be they an indie dev or a large company. So at least equality. Yep.)

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Oh gosh, is Pseudo actually mentioning Mardek again? Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod
At first, i was a little disappointed that you decided to add Mardek's universe into your new Alora Fane Universe. Reading your further explanation of how you would integrate the characters actually seemed to make a lot of sense. I'm glad you made your decision.

So.. pretty much the characters and the plot will be the same, but with different mechanics and backstory? So sort of like an alternate universe Mardek... also known as a remake. Yep. Okay. I'm not very smart.

Now who could that unpopular playable character be? I kind of liked all of them... though there's a rather low tier of characters that didn't have THAT much of importance to the story, but I don't think just ONE of them stood out that much.

Is it Sharla? That guy who likes Sharla? That mercenary that didn't talk much?

... I think everyone else seemed to have some sort of personality... I think. I do enjoy seeing Sharla and... male Sharla, since they worked nice as an item. Merc guy was alright too

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I'm not all that interested in Mardek, but I understand that I'm in the minority and I think it's great that you're motivated to do something that seems profitable.
I don't know what the precise set up with Patreon is but I do hope that none of your content is free to play. I'd like to see you earn off of your creations and don't really see why you shouldn't. If you've got an "artists statement" type reason why, like you want your content to be accessible, then I understand that. I personally have gotten a lot of play time out of your content and am willing to support future ventures. Not everyone shares this sentiment, but when it comes to feeling included in a community, or drooling over screen shots that they think look too cool to pass up, they'll be pulling at their mothers skirts for a credit card number or something.
I'm really interested in Yden and would like to a tester for it, if there are still any open positions. I know that you've hand selected these testers without any application process. I'm currently in Business School and have a special interest in the business models of artists and technology companies that don't have as many immediate paths to profit as other comparably developed industries. I would love to give some input on this after being exposed to Yden but if you'd rather not hear it I am very accepting of that as my experience is limited. I've had a long relationship with this site and your content (I was a Mardek 3 beta tester) and would like to continue to have a role in playing and testing your games.