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Faoladh 23 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic INFJ 6w5 119C
I admire you for that, for refusing to conform.

...I just think that, in this day and age--for girls especially--it's a defense thing. In my case, if I hadn't learned how to guard myself, to not be afraid of standing up, I'd be in a bad place now. I think some girls--especially the quiet, gentler ones--feel really vulnerable in today's world.

I wouldn't consider myself a cynical person, or even a badass, per se--but in my situation, I literally had to learn how to fight back.

...I don't know if you've seen Firefly, but I guess the easiest way to sum myself up is as a sort of River Tam. I'm generally quiet, sensitive, and unassuming, but if I feel truly threatened--that's when my 'toughened' side kicks in.

...Not that my toughened side's anywhere as awesome as River's. XD