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I fail to get my point across.

I am really annoyed because I can't get to communicating the way I'm feeling towards others in the community :(

Anyway, things can't happen the way like you say, i.e. Nature would not be necessary for survival, and there should be no evil (random, natural or human) to evoke sympathy and regret, and we'd all be living perfectly happy lives in our corners of the world because God is great.

Would you rather we float in an empty black space or eternal void of nothingness, surviving and living happy lives? Because I bet if God had wanted to do that, He could've...
We'd have been perfectly happy without needing to be, I bet.

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I do not mean to say that humans, as they are created, would be better off in some hedonistic paradise or some blank void in space where happiness is the only thing that exists (undoubtedly, some people would think that, but I'm not one of them). My point is that God made life, and, according to you, God designed things so that they would be orderly. If God designed things, he could've designed us in such a way that our lives could have meaning without the levels of suffering that are present in our universe (it is my opinion that life have meaning is a psychological rather than a metaphysical phenomena. I believe that this is consistent with your views, as any metaphysical meaning to life would be highly objective and we would undoubtedly be able to obtain it without the existence of suffering). I do believe that suffering has its role, but in an entirely Nietzschean sense: We are human, and, unlike God, we cannot do anything about that. Since it is our nature to "benefit" from suffering, we may as well accept this. The problem only occurs when one believes that our nature was designed, in which case we have reason to be resentful of the designer, implying a lack of benevolence in that being who created us.