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I'm surprised you didn't include spiders amongst the list of fears. It's one of the more common ones, and one of my weaknesses.
A lot of people don't really understand the fear of spiders, and for a time neither did I. As a little kid, I was fascinated by them, not terrified of them.

That was, until I hit about the age of four. It was the middle of the day, probably in fall. I was lying down in my room taking a nap after running around the house in a sugar-crazed frenzy (I think that was the day I had discovered candy necklaces). After napping for some time, I remember waking up and feeling a tickling sensation on my nose. I open my eyes and see a black widow (female, of course) crawling *up* on its web. I quickly came to the conclusion that this bulbous mass of a spider had been crawling around on my face while I was asleep.

Ever since, spiders have scared the hell out of me. I also react very poorly to the sensation of something crawling on my skin, because I immediately believe it to be a spider. This often puts me in a sort of lazy paranoia for the next half hour as I think there's one lurking just out of my sight.

The only other fear that I have is a rather unorthodox one, compared to the list here. All my life I have taken comfort in the fact that I have a particularly strong mind. More often than not, I can control my thought processes and emotions (to a lesser extent).
After watching my grandfather slowly succumb to brain cancer, I realized that I was pretty terrified of losing control of my mind or losing my grip on reality as we know it. Towards the end, he would mix up his sons' names (and even called me by my father's name a couple times), sometimes he couldn't remember my grandmother's name. Add that experience to the alcoholism (and subsequent loss of complete mental faculties) that my parents suffered while I was growing up, and you're left with someone that is pretty freaked out at the thought of not being able to control their actions or thoughts.

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Ohyes spiders. I knew I was forgetting something.

Anyhow, yes. Spiders. Often it is an experience that sparks a fear. Sometimes, (atleast in my community) parents scare their children with threats just to make them not do something, e.g. going out at night for a game of football. These experiences either scar(e) you for life, or they kill the fear inside. Apparently, yours was the former. Such a thing is called, 'Arachnophobia,' if I'm not mistaken, and is one of the more common fears.

Imagine sitting on a sofa, relaxed, unaware of your surroundings, when suddenly you feel a soft thing touch your leg. Ignoring it, you lay back and sleep. As you wake up, stirring from the mesmeric dreamworld you had casually drifted off into, you notice a giant tarantula, crawling with a manic speed towards your mouth. It crosses your widened, shattered eyes in a burst of speed towards the mouth that opens in sheer terror, and you notice the ugly, horrible, repulsive beast running to the hole in your mouth. In awe and terror, you stare for a millisecond at the long, eight, hairy legs beating into your skin and crawling over your nose, those eight, tiny, globules for eyes, that shine a darker black with every furious step, the dark, brown fur on the creepy, eight-legged alien, and the predatory menace with which it charges into the opening, falling in.
Then you wake up, and realize the soft scraping across your leg was the leaf in the flower-pot. My, how shocking.

Anyways, spiders are such that many horror movies are based on giant spiders and whatnot. There was the 'Venom' who reminds me of a black widow.

The next fear is most certainly a very deadly fear, myes. Very scary, but very logical. The more abnormal fears actually develop after having witnessing that fear, and since that one is rather personal, I won't comment too much on it.

Here's a link, Confuzzledmaniac, to end it all up.
The fear of spiders (Arachnophobia): ∞ LINK ∞

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Okay, I feel the need to explain why I'm rating this comment down.

I'm not going to say that it wasn't written well, because I became a little uncomfortable reading it, and I'm the one who picks up the spiders with my bare hands and puts them outside. However, I can't get over the fact that, uh... This is a thread about fears, and I'm not sure what made you reply in such a manner that almost made the person you were responding to mess his pants, but that was kind of a dick move. I think that if he wanted to have a mini heart attack, he would've gone out and found a tarantula on his own. I'm more than a bit bothered by the fact that you made a point of attacking his fear after he put himself out there to explain his fear. That was just cruel.

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Okay, I understand creating a thread about discussing people's fears and commenting on them. Couple things here I don't understand.

One, the nature of your post. You are responding to my post as if you are somehow informing me of the psychology behind arachnophobia. Believe me, I know the psychology behind it. Trying to teach somebody about a topic they are fully versed shows a lot of gall.
Two, why you think that that response was acceptable in any way whatsoever. I wouldn't go as far to say that I had a panic attack upon reading your post (and seeing that picture), but I reacted verbally and nearly spilled my coffee everywhere. What you just did is equivalent to talking about your arson habits to a person that lost a house and family members to an arson attack, and you link pictures of the correlating fears in the poll. It's heartless.
The only reason I can come up with as to why you posted this response is to incite a reaction, from each person that has posted in this thread so far.

Welp, you got it. Thanks a bunch.

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Everything in your last paragraph. I feel exactly the same way. Part of it is related to an intense fear of failure, but part of it is just that I define myself so much by my mind and intellect that losing that is like losing a part of myself. That's why I'm miserable after a few weeks of summer break, because apathy and laziness set in and I'm not using my mind - and I'm constantly terrified that I won't be able to get it back, that somehow it's gone forever. An irrational fear, yes, but most of these are. A brain injury that would rob me of some of my mental faculties, not so much that I'm unable to function in society but just enough that I can't think as well as I used to, that I become mediocre but can remember my brain working brilliantly in a fading past, is the single most horrifying thing I can think of. I normally peg failure as my greatest fear, but loss of mental capabilities is even worse.

Of course, that's a more intellectual fear, along the same lines as losing a loved one or having the economy collapse, not a completely instinctual thing like darkness or heights or spiders. Ooooh, spiders. -shudder- Oddly enough, I'm more fine with tarantulas, because they don't spin webs and you're more likely to notice them sneaking up on you. They're more like small animals than proper spiders. The small ones are the bad ones, since they're poisonous and sneaky and make webs across paths that you don't see until they're an inch from your face (if you're lucky)...yeah, I hate spiders. A lot. Also, interesting fact: Dragonfly larvae only have six legs, but somehow they move exactly like spiders. It's fascinating. Creepy, but fascinating.