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DarthKitty 23 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic INTP 153 337C
Lately, I've been watching Code Geass ( ∞ LINK ∞ ). It's a fascinating show, one which has, not for the first time, led me to think about morality, and associated subjects. From my thinking, I've reached the conclusion (for the moment, obviously; one should never cease to think about the big subjects, such as this, meaning I might later come to a completely different conclusion) that the old aphorism "Might makes Right" ( ∞ LINK ∞ ) is true.

Basically, this: each person has a varying degree of power - each person has some power, but some people have more power than others. Each of us has the power to decide what we think, and what we do. However, the people who raised us (be they parents, grandparents, workers at an orphanage, or someone else entire) have more power than just that, in that what they teach us to be right or wrong generally sticks to some degree. That is to say, our parents/people who raised us have the power to decide who we are.

Beyond the people who raise us, whoever has some impact on our lives, gains more power. If someone can change how you think- what you believe is right or wrong, true or untrue -they have massive amounts of power. To put it another way, if you decide what is right or wrong, you have power. And if you have power... you decide what is right or wrong.

Of course, all of this thought hinges on a single keystone, one which many people disagree with: there is no "right" and no "wrong." Rather, what we view as "right" and as "wrong" changes, depending upon the situation, and the person placed in it. One person placed in a situation will make one decision, believing it to be right, while someone else in that same situation will make the exact opposite decision, equally convinced that their decision is the right one.

Obviously, the strict black-and-white nature of most, if not all, religions breaks this crucial keystone. And since most people are religious, most people do not, cannot, and will not believe that that old aphorism "Might makes Right" is, or even could be, true.

What about you guys though? What is your opinion on morality "and stuff"?

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lazarony 30 United States CholericSanguine ESTJ 8w7 503C
Technically, "Might makes Right" is still true under the precepts of Christianity. It happens that God is "mightiest," so His Will is what's "right." It does beg an interesting question, however, as to the "enforcement" mechanic inherent in a "Might makes Right" system.

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I'm confused about what you're trying to argue for. Your post makes it sound like you're make an empirical observation of the world, but, given the title, I'd think you'd be arguing for a normative "this-is-how-the-world-should-be" kind of thing.