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Blog: The new FLIGS system

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One other thing I may like to add, is that, as Zaknafein said, it's too personal. Maybe something more professional like the last rating system might be more adequate.

I find that the F and G system are good, meaning the Feeling and Gratitude options, but I would like Entertaining and Thoughtfulness to be brought back. Support is fine too!

Maybe something like FTEG S? O.O

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Have you even read anything that I've been writing about this? My aim was to move towards a more subjective system and away from on objective one. As I've repeatedly said, I want to move away from the idea of 'grading essays' to the idea of saying 'I feel' or 'I think'; the ratings are now all about you rather than the poster.
So it's supposed to be personal.

It's more likely to result in more varied ratings rather than everyone just adding the same expected, proper ratings to a post.

Entertaining is covered under +F (being amused is a positive emotional response), and Thought-Provoking is very much the same as +I (interesting).

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