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Forum: A Reset Button for your Life

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Well, if I were to use such a power, it would be because life is too short. Sure, many people would argue that immortality would suck, but what if you could (more or less) live two lives? You'd get in twice as many experiences, and you still wouldn't have to be immortal. And hey, in my opinion, the person I am today has consistently been a better person than the person I was yesterday. More time = better person. I think a lot of people have made good arguments for why we shouldn't use this power: it would be boring to regress to the 90s and have to wait for all the things we like to be created, we'd have to depart from our friends until we meet them again, etc. But think about it this way. Since you have your memories, you're going to know to do different things. I've already played Mardek, I'm gonna do something different with my second life. Sure, some things are out of my control, but being able to change the things I can control would be awesome. I wouldn't use this button to change my mistakes; I think we humans need to learn to live with such things. Since I'd theoretically be living a different life, I wouldn't know what mistakes I'm going to make, so that wouldn't be a problem for me.