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My 'ordinary' person is someone who strives to be nothing but what the general populace deems as ordinary. There is no ordinary person in the world as the term is far to relative to who is talking at any given point, however as a social species humans have a tendency to follow leaders and emulate their actions as to better communicate and fit in with the society. Frankly the freaks of this world are those who deny the inevitable, such as their sexual orientation, deep psychological issues, or other things that CANNOT be ignored without consequences. I have a friend (This being one of two friends I have, the same who inspired a fear related topic some time ago) who ignored the fact that he often thought of killing himself because he didn't want to be any more different then he already was from his family, whom he thought were slowly drifting apart from him. He ignored it up until the point where his sister discovered him sitting on his bed with a gun in his hands weeping. Apparently he needs to be on lithium pills for the rest of his life, and he was institutionalized for a month, and put on a watch list.

It is a pointless struggle to try and be ordinary as we are either simply following people who are trying new things, being different from everyone else... or we stagnate and become a useless civilization that doesn't progress culturally, academically, or scientifically because we don't want to be any different from everyone else. Now I am in no way saying that we should embrace crazy either. Pseudo has a real issue with confidence, self deprecation and so on. It interferes with his life, such as him not thinking he has the life skills to live by himself, away from his parents. He constantly criticizes his self and his work so much that it hurts his productivity as a game designer, and a human being in general. My psychological issues are also an issue, I could rot away in my home alone, and I honestly don't know if I would care or not. I don't like trusting other people, much less talking to them. However if I don't struggle against these issues, I will never be able to write books as I could never trust or even talk to publishers to publish my work.

Perhaps I'm ranting... regardless, normality is pointless and all you can be is yourself. "Be yourself; everyone else is taken." Oscar Wilde etc. etc.