This section contains things of interest which aren't necessarily part of the community; mainly things like my (A β Pseudolonewolf's) creative works and such.


I am an occasional composer of 'videogame'-style computer-made music. I compose the music for my games, but not all music I've ever composed has been for games. Some of it is just made for fun.
You can find an archive of much of my earlier music in midi form ∞ here ∞.
However, you can also listen to - or even buy! - Original Soundtracks to my games here: ∞ here ∞.


This site uses the 'Four Temperaments' personality classification system to understand more about eachother at a glance.
You can read about it in detail ∞ here ∞.


Fans of the Fig Hunter games have started a wiki about them. Many aspects of the games are detailed here, including things like monster lists and area maps.
It can be found ∞ here ∞.