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Blog: Kickstarter?

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Well. I see that the comments here are as enjoyable to read as always.

When real money is being given to me by people, that changes things significantly.

I haven't finished Miasmon yet. The people I chose for the other site were merely testing it before the proper release, just as they're testing this game now. Eventually I would like to build up a community free of people who make me want to literally die, but there'd be no restrictions on who could play the game.

It's extremely frustrating and unnecessarily hurtful to hear my reactions derided like this... The reason that I talked about my 'hurt feelings' and such so much is because I'd been enduring Fig Hunter for literally *years* before it happened, and I was getting sick of it. What kind of behaviour frustrates you the most? Imagine enduring that from dozens or hundreds of people non-stop for like five or six years. Or if you're so strong and tough that no behaviour fazes you at all, imagine dozens of people kicking your shins non-stop for that time.

I tried to release a new version to alleviate a lot of my negative feelings about the site, but instead was met with completely unsubtle vitriol. This was at the time when my girlfriend was leaving me, I had zero friends, I was crippled by an anxiety disorder, I spent every day in front of my computer because I'd have panic attacks if I so much as went out of my front door, and I'd not made any money in ages so to say I was feeling 'bad' about all this would be a massive understatement.

Can you for a moment imagine what it's like to be in a situation like that? Then, to have a gift that you'd lovingly crafted, for free, for strangers, essentially as a desperate effort to save your own sanity, thrown back in your face, which they also spit in to underline their disgust?

But no. I'm sorry. I suppose I was just being a 'butt-hurt sissy' or whatever.

Anyway, being away from Fig Hunter for several months and having a new direction in life has changed a lot of things for me, and being handed real money for a change rather than doing everything entirely for free really would change things immensely.

Thanks for making my life just that little bit happier with your words, anyway.
Blog: Other Music?

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I requested that people didn't criticise my music. The result is that nobody criticised my music. Only that two people started arguing with me about how I should not ask people to not critique my music because it won't do any good. Even though it has.