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Blog: Weekly Update

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It does use the VersaTile engine! I made it to be reusable, and it's serving that purpose well at the moment; I just wish I could actually *finish* one of the several games I've started making using it! Hopefully this will be the first one that I can finish.
Blog: Enneagram Tritype (EDIT!)

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Also, I need to make new blog posts appear somewhere on the community page so then people will actually SEE them... I'll do that at some later point in time.
Blog: Programon Types (EDIT 3)

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Thank you for taking the time to do this! Unfortunately I won't be going with *all* your suggested changes, but some will definitely be in there!

I don't want to go too overboard with the number of type relationships; I like each type being super effective and ineffective against three types each, with few exceptions, and that's how I planned the squares in the image... though the defences weren't balanced at all.

Anyway, I'll go through these suggestions in order...

01. Animal: I'll make them weak to music, I suppose, though I've never fully understood why Normal is immune to Ghost other than for 'balance reasons'. I could imagine animals lacking the mental capacity for superstition, but I wonder whether to make them *resistant* to Paranormal rather than immune. In many ways, I see Paranormal as being like a combination of Ghost, Psychic and even Dark... and Normal being immune to Psychic seems weird! Or was it that way in the Pokemon card game...? I can't remember!
Hmm... It would add another immunity to the grid though - and there are few of those - and I suppose I could imagine animals being mindless and being unaffected by psychological things... Oh, I'll just make it an immunity for now, then!

04. Undead: I feel that types with one more resistance than weakness would work okay; types with more weaknesses than resistances seem less balanced though!

05. Nature: I want to change this a lot; I didn't notice it had way more weaknesses than resistances. I'll make it resist music (though that seems partly odd to me when thinking of satyrs with panpipes and stuff, resisting music... though insects and plants being deaf to it makes more sense, and if it beats magic, and satyrs were Nature/Magic, then that all makes sense!1).
I feel like I should change one of its weaknesses into a resistance... though I can't decide on one.
I see Airborne as beating it in the same way that Flying beats Grass and Bug, while Undead and Paranormal are *supernatural* and therefore super-effective against nature... Architecture encroaches upon Nature, and I can't really think what else Architecture could be strong against, so it needs that... Maybe it could resist Love...?! Because nature is a harsh and merciless place. Or something. And plants and insects aren't exactly receptive to affection or cuteness.
For now, I'll add that, but I am open to better suggestions.

06. Food: This beating Ninja and resisting religion is fine, I suppose... though I see it as ineffective against Paranormal because ghosts don't eat much, and aliens would find it unpalatable (I've seen aliens saying "this is what you humans call food?!" a lot in sci-if, as a trope).
This makes it strong against four and weak against four, offensively, which I prefer to 4/3.

07. Filth: I made Filth beat Religion because religion tends to be fairly prudish; the Bible for example CONSTANTLY speaks of various bodily fluids as if they're the most disgusting thing in the world, and I can imagine these pure, angelic monsters being more disgusted by filth than others because it's sinful and impure and everything.
However, it beating architecture and gadgets *also* makes sense... though I don't want to make it too powerful, so hmm.
And I could see magic cleaning it away... though I don't want magic to be too powerful...
I'll come back to this one maybe.

08. Architecture: I see these as similar to Rock and Steel, in some ways... I've always thought of Rock as a good defensive type (though it isn't; I only think that because of the role Brock's gym played in generation 1), and like the idea of Architecture being a type which is difficult to damage, but can't really do very much damage either. They are *buildings* and furniture, after all! Not the scariest things in the world, but hard to knock down.
I can't remember why I ever made Architecture beat Gadget, so I'm going to remove that for now.
It does *make sense* for Paranormal, Filth and Art to beat Architecture, but I'm reluctant to give it as many weaknesses as resistances because it takes away from that whole 'defensive type' thing... so HMM. I also don't like the idea of having *too many* type relationships; "it resists most things except two or three weak points" seems better to me than "it resists loads of things but is weak to loads of other things".

09. Gadget: This was TOO defensive, and does need more weaknesses. I could see Filth being one... though I'm not sure, because then Filth might be too good offensively. Hmm...
I will remove the Pirate resistance though; I thought Pirates might be bewildered by modern technology and robots, their old-fashioned attacks deflected, but it's more likely that they'd just smash things indiscriminately.
I think I'll also make Gadget neutral towards itself; robots smashing robots seems like an even match.
Why did I make Nature good against Gadget? o_O
That doesn't make much sense to me, so I might change that... though I don't know what to. I'll make Filth good against it instead.

11. Pirate: The 'Pirate Code' thing does make some sense, but at the same time, I can imagine pirates constantly killing eachother to remain dominant and so on... and it seems a bit weird to think of one pirate monster battling another and doing poorly, despite both of them supposedly being all fighty and stuff. It'd be sort of like if Fighting were bad against Fighting or something. o_O
But that not-effective square needs to go *somewhere*... I'm tempted to put in in the Paranormal column, but maybe that's already too bloated. HMM.

12. Ninja: They're now weak against Food and resist Magic!

13. Paranormal: I've made them immune against Animal attacks, but I do want to keep the food resistance for reasons I already mentioned, and Architecture already has enough weaknesses with 4... I'd rather it had fewer than that, actually.
Paranormal has too many weaknesses too (actually, I'd like to reduce that), so I don't want to also make it weak against Art even if that would make some sense...

14. Religion: The driving thought behind making this system in the first place was the amusement I got about the thought of a Science type beating a Religion type, so I'm not going to make it the exact opposite of that. Are scientists impressed by supposed miracles? The mysticism of religion is more likely to make a scientist roll their eyes than to overwhelm them with awe; that's why I see Religion as being easily shrugged off by Science... while many peoples' religious beliefs are apparently destroyed by becoming scientists and learning of the evidence.
I could see the whole 'religion explains things that science doesn't and transcends it!!!' explanation for the *opposite* relationship, but that doesn't hold water for me, nor would it be satisfying to add to a game that I'm going to be spending time making.
I have made them resist Gadget, Pirate and Food, and maybe I'll make them resist Magic... but hmm; it seems like there are too many squares around this part of the grid at the moment. Like I need to remove some.

16. Magic: I've made it beat Filth, but now it's strong against 5 and resisted by 6 on my grid... I like it being able to beat a lot - it is *magic*, after all - but it being resisted by loads doesn't seem right; maybe I'll try to remove some of those.
I could see it as a 'squishy wizard' type, similar to Ice; strong against many types, but also easily defeated. I should give it more weaknesses then because of that... I could see maybe Religion beating it...? HMM.
I think I'll make it neutral when hitting Art or Music...

17. Art: I'm not sure about this... I certainly don't want anything to beat more than 5 types, so I suppose the strong-vs-Music one is the first to go. I don't like Art beating more than 3 or 4, actually, but it's difficult to choose which ones because there are decent reasons for all of them. I suppose the whole reason I redid the grid was to avoid having too many filled in squares though!
I made Art ineffective against Food earlier to make Food have three resistances, but I should remove that... Now Art has 4/4 on my grid, though loads of the columns are horribly unbalanced. HMM.

18. Music: Resisted by Nature, but I don't want to make Art weak against it because it seems like too much.

So phew... I did implement many of your suggestions, but not all, I'm afraid! I suppose something like this will take MANY TEDIOUS HOURS to finally sort out. Oh, the joys of game design.
The grid feels *better* now than it did before, but some types are still feel unbalanced...

I'll upload the updated version as EDIT 3 now though.
Blog: Programon Types (EDIT 3)

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I'm not intending to finish this one before releasing it; I'll release it to Fig Hunter in bits and pieces, like what I wanted to do with Beast Signer, so the plot is likely to be nothing more than setting up the setting, at least at first.
Blog: Programon Types (EDIT 3)

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I'm going to upload a new version of the image with these rather good suggestions in it!

Getting them all balanced is such a pain, though, as I've found with Miasmon and Beast Signer, and even Pokemon doesn't get things completely balanced, I suppose! I wonder if it's best if they ARE entirely balanced, though, or whether, like in Pokemon, some are better at defence (Steel), others at offence (Ice)...
I don't know, though; being balanced is probably better, because I hate how people would train things based on type rather than their looks, and, well, anyway!

I'll upload the new version now, then perhaps I should tediously count each row and column one by one and try to balance all the numbers out... o_O
Blog: Programon Types (EDIT 3)

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I didn't notice that Airborne had no weaknesses; that was entirely unintentional! Things like that are so easy to miss when filling in some grid like this...

Perhaps I could make them weak to Gadget, or also to Science, Magic... even Pirate, who could use guns? Hmm.

I added Art and Music as an afterthought, so they don't really have any relationships in general at the moment. I suppose religion could easily have relationships with both... Love, too, perhaps, and... well, I suppose I need to think about those two columns a lot more.
Blog: Programon Types (EDIT 3)

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I did say that I was welcome to suggestions, but only for slight changes, not an overhaul of the whole system. I wonder if you consider Pokemon type relationships 'bland'.
Blog: Silly Types

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I have played MOTHER 3, and it's mentioned on my userpage and everything as one of the games that's inspired me most over the years.
Blog: Thoughts about Miasmon, etc

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I was wondering whether to use the Beast Signer setting, but I'd use silly monster designs and types and so on! I certainly haven't got any setting-based idea for the purely silly concept, anyway. Yet. I'll see what I come up with before deciding on anything though.

Though when I mentioned the silly monster catching game, I did mean for it to be continuously updating!

I certainly prefer CBC to Raider myself in so many ways... so I'd perhaps feel the same about a silly monster catching game compared to Miasmon, too. I mean, I found monsters like Fluffnugget amusing and they made the game more interesting for me, so a game FULL of monsters like that might be very easy to work on!

My SAD light seems to be having some effect! But my dawn simulator never wakes me up at all. o_O
Forum: Your ideal partner's personality

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I can only see myself with another INFJ, because I need someone who's as much like me as possible to minimise conflict and increase understanding. This doesn't appear to be a popular view, from what I've seen before.

It's interesting how these are grouped, though; oddly enough, I was thinking of starting a similar poll just last night, but I would have grouped them based on their fourth letter rather than their first, like INFJ/INFP, ISTJ/ISTP, and so on (you even sort of grouped them this way in your comment), because there's a world of difference between E and I types. I'd never have any interest in an Extrovert, but I'd be interested in seeing how many people would prefer them over their introverted counterparts.
I suppose it'd be better if polls allowed more than 10 options, but oh well.

It's also interesting that you'd start a Myers-Briggs based poll without having your own type set on your profile...

The first and third letters are most important to me; I could never form a relationship with an extrovert or a thinker, but an S instead of an N, or a P instead of a J, wouldn't be as much of a deal-breaker. Probably. Though I'd still prefer INFJ.