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I don't read a lot of webcomics but here's a few I check or used to check weekly:

∞ Kiwi Blitz ∞
Adventures of a young girl with mechs, cute artstyle, musical and anime references and spunk!

∞ Dr McNinja ∞
Kind of a classic in the webcomic world but the story is far from orthodox from the name alone.

∞ Monster Pulse ∞
A group of young teens linked by monsters made from their own bodies and growing up in a more and more complicated world.

∞ Hemlock ∞
Mystical and quite original story of a witch whose tribulations become more and more intriguing. On hiatus as for the moment.

∞ Supermahou ∞
Short but very fun webcomic with a very wacky sense of humour and magical girls.
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Funnily enough, I've just been on a five-day Christian conference with worship and evangelical training. I don't think it's a coincidence that I am seeing this and I'd love to hear from you when you return!

Enjoy yourself and strengthen your faith in Christ. Drop me a message if you feel like it!

Forum: What's the goal of a parent?
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My initial response would be crude and somewhat obvious: To make the child live.
A parent, to me, brings the child into the world and makes sure that they stay there safely. Forget morality and teachings, if anyone or anything keeps a child safe, they qualify as a parent in my books.

So that would be the primary, most important goal that a parent has to fulfill. However, this is probably the generic kind of answer that was in the opening post, and if it is, I apologise for detracting from the thread.

I will perhaps try to reinterpret the question into
'what is the most important thing that a parent can teach to a child?'

I would say to teach them how to control themselves and be self-aware. Children (and people in general) first need to be aware of themselves before anything else. Of course, this doesn't mean that the child needs to be the centre of attention all the time. In fact, I think that children grow in self-awareness especially when they are left alone. The parent is there to guide them and help them accomplish this basic step.

After that, teachings of morality, law, critical thought and even science can come but they don't necessarily have to be the role of the parent, though I do condone that the parent does have a role.
Forum: Music War
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How the heck do Tuesdays get cancelled?! Mighty envious!

Anyways, wednesday and fridays work for me. Though I'd prefer if it were the week after the 20th or the first week of June.
Forum: Hohum...musics? Yes...
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One massive dose of dope to necro this place

∞ YouTube ∞
Forum: What is the purpose?
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No problem at all, there is always something valuable to take from understanding things. On a very early tangent, despite what you may have heard, many Christians these days tend to accept knowledge, at least better (I hope) than the earlier generations. Of course, the stories of Adam and Eve, with the fruit of knowledge and the creationism vs. evolution debates show some conservative stances that are still present but, globally, many more theories are being at least scrutinised by Christians rather than being immediately shunned as 'unholy'.

So, to address some things in your post, you say that you are willing to cooperate with God and I can happily say that this is perfectly in line with what I believe. However, he is indeed the dominant one and this is where his authority needs to be recognised. Imagine the creator of all existence/saviour of humanity giving you a hand. Next imagine yourself giving a hand to the ultimate being. Who will benefit more from this interaction? Well, that would be yourself if we're following our simple human logic.

The thing with Christianity is that this supreme God sent his very embodiment as Jesus Christ. And he did something unbelievable; he died for us, he saved us from our own failures. Of course, this is under the presumption that humans are inherently flawed and I'll be honest, this is also another big thing to grasp.

'Was God that stupid?' you may ask, 'What did he try to gain from doing this? Is he trying to manipulate us?'. Well, who knows really :p Only God does! But the closest thing we do believe in is that this is a sign of love. How else can we explain it? Could it be a massive prank? To come out bluntly, it could very well be. But at least, we believe that we should appreciate the really massive amount of love that he's given us and thank him.

I do believe that religion helps in our interactions with others. A prime (and debatable, for sure) example would be the way Jesus reunited the Jewish and Gentile (the rest of the non-Jews around the world) communities. There was a time when Jewish leaders mistreated non-Jews and favoured corruption in Israel. However, Jesus reminded them that God rules over all and all people are fundamentally equal in his eyes.

And one last little thing, God's 'gender' is simply a social dominance thing, I think. In biblical times and I guess even today to some extent, males are considered to be more dominant than females. If we were living in a matriarchal society, I can guarantee that 'she' would be a more popular pronoun for the Lord/Lady. ;p
Forum: What is the purpose?
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The purpose of religion as I see it personally is quite simple: to serve God. Sure, you can look at it in social, political or psychological terms but ultimately, it revolves around worship of a higher being.

So, the question now becomes:'why do it?' Does God ever listen to us? Do I get favours from him if I follow certain practices? The answer to that would very well depend on the individual's sense of hope, as you might expect. A religious person would thus have to make a leap of faith to trust the deity.

In the opening post, TheMorph asked if that was the only thing that could comfort us as religious people or could it be the only certain thing in this world. My personal answer to that is both a yes and a no. To say a few things about me, I have been trained in the way of the scientist (that sounds so unnecessarily prestigious now :p) throughout my education and I am still pursuing this passion that I have for discovering the mechanisms of the world. From that perspective, I can definitely tell you that there are many ways that is enough to comfort me at some level. For example, I have experienced, like many others, a sheer wonder of the complexities and beauty of the world in an overly optimistic manner and there are many psycotropics out there, if you know what I'm sayin'. ;)

Now, if you have experienced what I've just described, try to imagine a sense of satisfaction even greater than this. Can you do it? What was the trigger? Was it love or something emotional? Or is it a sense of peace and humility by a particular philosophy? Is it something you could describe in words or is it too uncomprehensible?
Well, the crucial point I will make here is that the satisfaction I've acquired through God feels very very undeserved. It really cannot be described by 'worldly' terms as Christians like to put it. The ways of the world/universe/multiverse cannot be compared to this 'otherworldly grace'. Indeed, I do not personally believe that God is a man-made construct, for the world cannot contain his being. I'll go as far to say that even the word God does not do him justice!

I do realise that this sort of makes me greedy. If you have all this world before you, and you're seeking even more than the world, what more do you want?! But here He is, offering himself to us and asking us to take his gift.

Before I finish, I'd like to address the hell and saving souls part of Christianity. Without saying too much, there are different views of those concepts among Christians, especially between the main (unfortunate) branches/divisions. It might seem like I'm cherrypicking on some more 'comforting' concepts for atheists and agnostics but there is one definition of hell that describes it as simply being the absence of God. That would be fantastic for atheists, wouldn't it? But of course, this is a horrifying for God's servants and I'll honestly say that it would actually scare me to live without his presence.

What I believe about the afterlife is muddy to be quite honest and I simply cannot say if I'm doing the right thing to have a place in heaven. But you know what, as long as people follow God's ways and do what is pleasing to him, they will be doing the most important thing in his eyes. And this is the reason why religion, or at least the Christian customs, exist.
Forum: Let's talk about movie(Recommendation)
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This is not an actual fictional movie, but this documentary caught my eye during a late night Youtube session: Oliver the Chimp ∞ YouTube ∞

Oliver is a very peculiar chimpanzee as he has adopted a distinct bipedal posture as his primary means of motion. He also has distinct facial stuctures resembling those of a human and seems to like humans more than other chimpanzees. In the 90's, he became popular as people claimed that he was the 'missing evolutionary link' between humans and chimps.
Without spoiling too much, he became the subject of a lot of scientific scrutiny and in the end, the possibility of Oliver being a hybrid was less solid.
Aspect: Pornography
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Cases of abuse, psychological trauma, shame, religious uncleanliness, social stigma, misogyny, misandry, asexuality, violence and others.

Personally, I used to enjoy it, I'll admit, but it turned out to be a pretty big waste of time and is draining in many ways. ;)
Forum: Pride is the antagonist of confidence
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This is interesting, I've always thought that the relation between pride and confidence is something that most people see, generally.

I think that you may have a less clear or a different definition of pride than I do so I can't explain my point through here. However, for confidence, I agree that perhaps there is a certain context, but what do you think about confidence in all contexts? As in, a general state of being confident. Do you think it's possible? Maybe the Fuhrer doesn't have to be confident in all contexts at the same time but he is confident in everything that he currently does.

Bradley is assumed to draw confidence in the reactions of his people to his speech or whatever actions he does. It does make him a shallow person but he's just there to help make sense of my reasoning and he's also fictional so it's ok :p

If the Fuhrer is confident in all contexts, and if he also has pride, I think that he will be less confident than he could have been without pride. And that would be the cause of expectations.
If his people has no expectations, then yes, the Fuhrer would still have the same confidence if he himself does not expect anymore from the people. For example, he could be expecting the people to listen to his speech wholeheartedly and standing in a single file but then, he sees someone miss a step and becomes embarassed. Thus, he loses confidence. But if he did not have those expectations, then he wouldn't have lost that confidence.

Basically, the pride creates expectations on the Fuhrer's side which affect his confidence if left unfulfilled. Maybe your definition of pride does not involve expectations which is why it might get confusing.

I may have poorly worded my definition of confidence, so I'll just put something from Wikipedia like a good internetizen:
Confidence is generally described as a state of being certain either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective.

If we take the table tennis example, do you think that you could be more confident in yourself if you considered your training like you consider your math education? This question illustrates my point concisely, so read this if TL;DR.

Also, rambling is the bread and butter of philosophy, which is why it is a pain to read philosophy texts and also a joy once you finally think that you understand it (but you don't :(). So do it as much as you like for this topic!