1087 in total!

Freelance Animator unemployed and poor.


(Freelance) translator, editor, agent




...?...I work part-time McDonalds...


5 year-old


6th class.




A bit of everythingA bunchA debater of some sort.A Flying Novelist Who Plays Guitar In Space While Painting the NebulaeA jobA mean, green mother from Outer SpaceA Sock...A student failing in BiologyAccountantAccountingActingActorActor or WriterActor/ArtistActor/ScriptwriterActressADF ServicemanAdvanturerAdventurerAeronautical EngineerAerospace EngineerAI ResearcherAir Force (Mechanic)Alien HuntingAllmighty Lord of the UniverseAlmighty Lord of the UniverseAlways changing my mind about this.Ambassador/ViolinistAn awesome oneAn ExplorerAnalytical ChemistAnatomy Teacher/WriterAnesthesioligist or Mega-Corporation OwneranesthisiologistAngelAnimation Series CreatorAnimatorAnime/Game Developer Any Jobany specificAnyKey Masteranything computer science!anything involving artAnything involving Technology, really...Anything really!Anything without repetition. Well, almost anything.Aquatic photographerArchaeologistArchaeologist?Archeologist and/or Game DesignerarchitectArchitect/ Game makerArchitect/AuthorArchitecture StudentArmchair MisanthropeArmy GeneralArt StudentArtistArtist, or the above will do too!Artist/Illustratorartist/poetArtist/WriterArtistically InclinedAsexualAssassin/MusicianassistantAssociate AuditorAstral wandererAstro Phycisist, Game DevAstrological ResearcherAstronautAstronaut!AstronomerAstronomer & PsychologistAstronomistAstrophysicistathleteAtsropphysicistAttorneyAudio developmentAuthorAuthor / LARP StaffAuthor, something in academiaAuthor, though I'm currently working towards a Phyics degreeAuthor-AdventurerAuthor/actressAuthor/Chemical EngineerAuthor/Game DesignerAuthor/Marine Biologist/ZoologistAuto DetalAutodidactAwesomeness


BakerBallroom Dance InstructorBankerBanker/TellerBannerman High Autism Unit PupilBartenderBaseball StatisticianBassist in a successful rock bandBatmanbecoming a motherBecoming an astronomerBehavioral Neuroscientist Being a 15 year-old.Being a StudentBeing Employed.Being even better in what I do!being someone somedayBeing The Pringles GuyBeta Tester at AppleBetter at everything than u3463Better InfantrymanBetter ProgrammerBillionairebillionarebio technologist/nano technologistBiologic ResearcherBiological EngineerBiologistBiomedical sciences studentBiophysicist and MusicianBioweaponBLACK UNICORN TAMERBloggerBricklayerBrofessional BrocepholosophusBrofessor of BrolosophyBumBurger King EmployeeBusboyBusinessBusser


Caddy Camp Counsellor, Skate Cruiser, Inclusion Facilitator, Social Dance Program WorkerCaptain of some vesselCardiothoracic SurgeonCare worker in care homeCarpenterCarpenter/AuthorCarpenter/FarmercarristCartoon creator, Voice actorCartoonistCartoonist/IllustratorCashierCashier at Bj's Wholesale ClubCatererCatgirlCEOCEO- Game SoftwareCERNChair OccupationChefChemical EngineerChemical Engineer/Material ScientistChemistChemistry probablyChemistry Teacher / ResearcherChick-fil-A MascotChild Care ProviderChild Labor Laws keep me unemployed...Children's Play WorkerChocolate TasterCivil engineerClerkClinical PsychologistCoach/psychotherapistCoach/psychotherapist/mentorCoacherCoder/Programmer/Game MakerCollegeCollege Math TeacherCollege professorCollege StudentComfortable retirement/that guy who seems to know everything.Comic Book Artist/AuthorComic Book Writer and ArtistCommentatorCommercial PilotCommunications internCompany OwnerComposerCompter Games DesignerComputer Animatorcomputer engineercomputer engineer or game designerComputer Game DesignerComputer Graphics Artist/Flash Game ProgrammerComputer Lab Monitorcomputer mechanicComputer ProgramerComputer ProgrammerComputer Programmer or Game DeveloperComputer rycyclerComputer Technicianconcept artistConception in video games or storywrittingConfectionerConservationistConspiracy TheoristConsulting game makerContemplaterContinuous Lottery WinnerCOOKCookingCopCopy editorcoronerCourtesy ClerkCreating the next Breaking BadCreative writing teaching internCriminal ProfilerCriminal PsychologistCriminal psycologist/ ProfilerCrowd-sourcingCryptography EngineerCSRCuratorCurrently being Schooled.Currently don't have a job.Cyborg Creator


DancerDark HeroData AnalysisDaydreamerDeadbeat college student DeathDeceasedDeityDeli CashierDelivery Agent, Newsquest Oxford... a paperboy in other words ;)Delivery DriverDelivery Driver/Knife SalesmanDemigodderpingderping for moneyDesignerDesigning stuffDesigning VideogamesDespair.Despair... Wait...Detective/Movie MakerDictatorDictator of the UniverseDictator of the Universe.Digital ArtistDigital Forensics ScientistDirectorDirector of anythingDishwasherDishwasher@Restaurant, Stocker@Gas StationDJdoctorDoctor (Surgeon)Doctor in Physics, maybe Nobel prizeDoctor lawyer astroanaut pirate from Marsdoctor lawyer cowboy in space.Doctor of MedicineDoctor or Computer Software Engineerdoctor or engineerDoctor Who CompanionDoctor/ScientistsDOES SCHOOL COUNT?DogwalkerDoing NothingDon't Have one yetDon't knowDon't Know YetDon't know.Dr. EvilDREAM ACHIEVED! (perhaps being better in what I love. ^^)DreamerDreamer of WorldsDreaming of having a Dream JobDrum TeacherDrummer in my own bandDubstep remixerDunno


Eating pizzaeconomic AI engineerEconomistEducationEducation intern at one place / Research intern elsewhereEither as an Author or a developer of gamesElectrical EngineerElectrical Engineer, Programmer, or Mechanical EngineerElectrical Engineer?ElectricianElectrishan's assistint/ LibrarianElectronic repair technicianElectronics technicianelektrotehnicarElementary School TeacherEmperoremperrorEmployedEmployed.EndocrinologistEngineerEngineer or History TeacherEngineering StudentEngineering TechnologistEnglish TeacherEnglish teacher in japanEntertainment IllustratorEntomologistentrepreneurEnvironmental advocacy organizationEnvironmental ConsultantEnvironmental engineer Epiletic SurgeonEternal StudentEvent CoordinatorExecutiveExperimental ChemistExtortionist


FamilyFantasy NovelistFantasy Writer Fantasy writer.Fashion designerFast food cookfast food employeeFateFate.FBIFencing InstructorFiction writer / Scholar of the humanities of science and technologyFictional writerFiguring out what that is...Film DirectorFire Dragon GodFire Wizard of the Southern Wastelands!!!1!Fired for...stuffFirefighterfiremanFirm PartnerFixing killing machinesFlash Game DesignerFluorescent Calendars Forensic ChemistForensic Science ForesterFree-LanceFreedomFreelanceFreelance AnimatorFreelance computer programmerFreelance EngineerFreelance IllustrationFreelance WriterFreelance Writer/EditorFreeloaderFruiturtlingFry CookFull Time College StudentFull-time studentFulltime college instructorFunFuture sailor


Game ArtistGame Associate at GamestopGame Composergame creatorGame CriticGame Design/ProgrammingGame DesignerGame Designer (board or PnP games)Game Designer / Chemist MajorGame Designer or AuthorGame designer!Game Designer/ AuthorGame Designer/ArtistGame designer/GamerGame designer: Kidding, I'm 13.Game DevGame DeveloperGame developer or scientistGame developer.Game Developer/ ProducerGame Developer/BiologistGame Developer/Game Company ExecutiveGame developer/software programmerGame DevelopmentGame IdealistGame Maker xDGame maker-guy Game ProgrammerGame Scenario writerGame translatorGame-DeveloperGame-makerGame/Story DeveloperGamedesignerGamerGamer or Game makerGamer? IdkGames creatorGames DeveloperGames Developer/Graphics DesignerGames TesterGameStopGamestop Manager, Student TeacherGamestop RegisterGaming JournalistGaming/Graphical Designergarden maintainerGarden team All souls collage OxfordGeneric Software EngineerGet GEDgetting my little brother to school without getting hit by cars.... and suchGetting paid for doing nothing whatsoeverGetting paid to be myself. godGoddess-EmpressGodhoodGolf Course PersonGood Question!Google DeveloperGoogle.Gourmet ChefGrad studentGrade 11 STEM StudentGraduate StudentGrand Poopah of the Sigil of Heroismgraphic designerGraphic Designer / Web DeveloperGraphic Novel ArtistGrocergrocery store Grocery store stocker man guyGunsmithGyűjtő


Happy Person :)Hardware Design EngineerHardware Employee at Canadian TireHardware EngineerHaterosexualHaven't thought of anyHeh...studentHelpful personHeroHero of Hyrule (or just any other fantasy world though)HeterosexualHigh Fuhrer of the Sigil of HeroismHigh Mage of RulokHigh Scholar, 9th gradeHigh SchoolHigh School SophomoreHigh School StudentHigh school student. Is that even considerd as a job? I dont think so, but im putting it anywaysHigh school.High school/college studentHigh-schoolHistorianHistory ProfessorHistory TeacherHistory...somethingHmm...HousehusbandHumanHygien Technician


I am a schoolboy. I am employed at Oop`s Jones BodyshopI don't actually know...I don't knowI don't like to think that far ahead, but I have a plan in mind.I don't think my job has a self explanatory title.I honestly don't have a clue...I RATHER NOT SAYI rather not say.I WAS a pizza delivery boy, then I totaled my car.I work in a bakery sometimesi'm in collageI'm not sureI'm not sure.I.T TechnicianIdk, Wizard, Dragon, World Ruler... Maybe...IllustratorIllustrator or Animatorim 11 -_-Immortal Polymathimmunologistin betweenInde Video Game DesignerIndependent Consultant and EvaluatorIndependent wealthIndie Game DeveloperInfantrymanInformation TechnologyInformation Technology (call center)Innovation Web DeveloperInspirational SpeakerInstrument Repair TechnicianInternIntern at a kids' creative writing classInternational Man of MysteryInternet ProdigyInternet ReviewerInternet TrollInventorIron ManITIT AssistantIT help deskIT ProfessionalIt remains to be discovered.IT ResearchIT Security EngineerIT slaveIT Student


J.A.G.JanitorJanitor at a HighschoolJedi-samurai-pirate-superhero on a motorcycleJesusJimmy John'sJob? What job?JoblessJobless and LookingJournalistJournalist, or Game Designer (electronic or otherwise)JudgeJudge or authorJungian Psychologistjust finished school


Kids' writing class assistantKitchen helpKitten Exterminator


Lab AssistantLab TechnicianLabor MPLabourerLack of Employment + FundsLand ScaperLandscaperLarge Corporate business (technological, EX: Microsoft)Law StudentLawyerLawyer or EngineerLazyLazy BumLazy Man!lazy studentLazy-Buttlead guitarist in a successful rock bandLeaderLeader of a bandLearnerLearningLegendary Warrior of... LEGEND!Let's PlayerLevel DesignerLibarian's Assistant Librarianlibrary assistent in training LifeLine CookLinguistLiterature Teacher/Living itLoL Pro Player/YoutuberLollygaggerlookingLooking for WorkLooking.Lord of DarknessLore Writer


Mad ScientistMageMagic CricketMagistrateMaidmaking dat breadMaking people happy through performanceManagement ConsultantManga ArtistManufacturing TechnicianMany things...Marine BiologistMartial Arts InstructorMartial Arts Instructor & Software DesignerMaster DJMaterials EnginneeringMaterials Science/Chemical EngineerMath TeacherMathemagicianMathematicainMathematicianmathematics professorMathematics tutorMaybe lawyerMcDonald worker / teacherMcDonald'sMcdonalds bro.Mcdonalds toilet cleanerMechanic Mechanical EngineerMechatronic Design Engineer (Inventor)MedicMedicalMedical Bill RepricingMedical biologistMedical ExaminerMedical PhysicianMedical PhysitionMedical PractitionerMedical StudentMelodramatic poopmerchandiserMetal WorkerMicrobiologistMicrobiologymiddle schoolMiddle School StudentMilitaryMillionaire SlackerMin Wage Sandwich SlaveMind bendermining the vast ores of cheese pie in the bottom of the minecraft world, right under the bedrockMistressmindMLB Superstarmod creatormodern jazz composerMonster TamerMoose HuntingMortal Kombat CoderMorticianMotion Picture Director/WriterMotivational SpeakerMountain SageMovie DirectorMPD TherapistMuscianMusic ComposerMusical Performermusical therapistMusicianMusician and studentMusician..My Previous one


N/ANaNahNational Basketball Association National Park MaintainenceNational Park RangerNature Center EmployeeNecromancerNegotiator for petty schoolyard problemsNerdNeurosurgeonNever had oneNewspaper CourierNo clueNo CommentNo IdeaNo idea, yet,No jobNon-disclosedNonenone (im a dragon to big :(None (student)None - Studentnone :(None, yetNone.NopeNot a StudentNot a Student...?Not completely sure.Not old enough =(not sureNot sure yet. Author, programmer, lawyer are all ideas.Not sure, but it would be somewhere along the lines of writing stories.Not sure...NOT YETNothingNothing D:Nothing yet...Nothing.NovelistNuclear EngineerNurseNYC subway motorman


Office position in transit agencyOffice slaveOlympic WrestlerOncologistOnly plansOpthalmologistOpticianOptometristOrchestral musicianOrthopedic surgeonOsteopathic Medical StudentOutdoor Equipment SpecialistOwner of a bakery


Paid StudentPaid to be lazyPaladinPaladin of PSEUDOLONEWOLFPaleontologist or Hydrogeologistpaper boyParamedicPark RangerPart-time cleaning jobPathetic MortalPatient Transport at PRMCPayroll AdministratorPedetritianPer ContractPerformer/EntertainerPerformer/Singer/Dancer/RapperPfff.pharmacistPharmacist or some branch within biochemistrypharmacy technicianPhilosopherPhotographerphotojournalist/video game designPhysical LaborPhysician AssistantPhysicistPhysics studentPhysiotherapistPianistPilotPizza deliveryPizza GuyPizza-Makerplay sword art onlinepoetPoet, painter & MusePokémon TrainerPokemon CatcherPolice CadetPolice officerPoliticianPolymathPorterPossiblePostdocPotatoPraisery Of MufasaPrivate Bookstore ownerPro carpenterPro GamerProcess EngineerProcess OperatorProcrastination!ProcrastinatorProfessional AnimatorProfessional Game DesignerProfessional Gamerprofessional leisure specialistprofessional livingProfessional Musician Professional StorytellerProfessional studentProfessional ViolinistProfessional WrestlerProfessional writer or musicianProfessional YoutuberprofessorProfessor maybe? Researcher of some sortProfessor of arts at various institutesProfessor of BiologyprogramerProgrammerProgrammer / AuthorProgrammer of some sortProgrammer or Video Game DeveloperProgrammer, or game designerProgrammer/Video Game DesignerProgrammer? Don't really know thoughProgrammingProphetProsecutorProvisorPseudolonewolf but hopefully happier than he seemsPsychanalistPsychiatristPsychoanalyst & Translatorpsychologist Psychologist (child support)Psychologist w/ Ph.d.psychologist/artistPsychologuePublic Health AnalystPublished Author and Word SmithPulitzer Prize winning writer PupilPupil :DPyro-Dracomancer


Quantitative AnalystQuantum Physicist


Recent university graduateRecord Studio Owner + EngineerRefereeResearch AideResearch librarianResearch PsychologistResearch ScientistResearcherRespected idea-contributor in a world-changing organisationRetailRetiredretired soldierRetirementRichRich n' JoblessRiflemanRobot-fighting king in spaceRobotic EnginnerRobotics EngineerRookie DJRoyal Knight


S.W.A.T. OfficerSales Associate.Salesmanager/marketing jobSandwich MakerSausage StuffingSavagewolf's AssassinScenaristSchoolSchool -.-'School I guessSchool StudentSchoolingScientistScientist or WriterScientist?ScreenwriterSecondary Teacher - MathsSeeking employmentSelf employedSelf-employed-nothing-doerSelf-Employed/PC repairs, custom systems creatorSeppyServer Administratorserver/dishwasherSet DesignerSex Education Teacher/BeekeeperShelffillerShelve fillerSherpaShipping ClerkShop assistant/ StudentSingerskateboarderSlackerSlakerSleep & eatSleepingSleeping!So far, no idea.Soccer player!Social Researcher / Fiction WriterSocial Work/PsychologistSocial WorkerSociologistSoftware ArchitectSoftware developerSoftware developer/Electronics engineerSoftware EngineerSoftware Engineer/EntrepreneurSoftware type jobssoldierSolo musician with backup band for every late night talk show everSome kind of engineer.Someone of Law, Science, Art and Spiritual Ablitys and WisdomSomeone who actually does something usefulSomeone's heroSomethingSomething boring with a neverchanging routinesomething in computersSomething in MedicineSomething Non-Procrastionary!Something PowerfulSomething that can earn me enough money and provide me enough time to enjoy lifeSomething that i would love doingSomething that's both highly beneficial to others and fulfilling.Something to do with the games industrysong writerSong Writer/ CEO of a BusinessSotware Engineering InternSpace battleship captain!Space Captain. That's why it's a "Dream" job.spambotSpeech/Forensics CoachStaffing Coordinatorstagingstand-up comicStay at home boyfriendStock BrokerStorepersonStory-boarder/Creative WriterStorytellerStratiges man in the armyStreamerStructural EngineerStudantStudentStudent (does that count?)Student (High School)Student (Mathematics)Student (soon to apply to law school)student at one of the largest high schools in americaStudent of Liberal ArtsStudent of MedicineStudent [pretty good at it too]Student!Student, SalesguyStudent.Student/ IT Help DeskStudent/Pilot/AssistantStudent/ProgrammerStudent/Rampant Pseudophilosophical JackassstudentsStudientStudientiaStudyingSummer Camp CounselorSuper heroSuperHeroSuperhero! :3Supermarket WorkerSupervisorSupreme OverlordSurgeonSurviving long enough to get a jobswatSynthetic ChemistSynthetic GeneticistSystem Engineer


TBDTeacherTeacher BeeTeacher/Healer (?)Teaching MathematicsTech SupportTechnical Support AdvisorTechnology AnalystTeen!That a secret. That one dude being pulled into the cop car.ThaumaturgeThe Game Station employeeThe one with the highest salaryTheoretical PhysicistTherapistThinkerTim HortonsTime Travelling Super Saiyan/AuthorToo youngTour GuidetraineeTranslatorTravelling MusicianTree Punchin'Troll ScientistTutorTutoringTwo: Stocker and DishwasherTyrant


U.S ArmyUltimate Fighting ChampionUltimately a Creatorun-employedundecidedUndefinedUnemployedUnemployed :(Unemployed billionaireUnemployed but rich!unemployed music and game reviewerUnemployed StudentUnemployed WriterUnemployed!Unemployed, not giving a damnUnemployed...uneployedUnited States Army OfficerUnited States MarineUniversal Emperor... or a HoboUniversity ProfessorUniversity studentUniversity Student/Roller Rink ManagerUnknownUnlazy-ButtUnpaid full-time job as a GamerUNSC Spartan-IIUnsureUseful faggotUseless faggotUser Interface DeveloperUsing my mind powers in order to create world peaceUsing my Mind powers to Create The Poop of Bulls fly at terminal Velocity


VALVe employeeVariedVarious possibilitiesVetVeterinarianVice PresidentVideo Game Artist/ComposerVideo Game CreatorVideo Game DesignVideo Game DesignerVideo Game DeveloperVideo game developer/designerVideo Game Production (more into the art and graphics side)Video Game ProgrammerVideo Game Tester/Developervideo journalistVideogame programerVideogame ProgrammerVidoe game DesignerVigilante Vineyard ManagerVoice ActorVoice-Over ActorVolcanologistVolunteerVolunteer Math TutorVolunteer worker


Waiterwaiter/musicianWaiter/table cleaner/mopperwaitressWaitress at Indian RestaurantWalmart CAP associateWalter BishopWandererWannabe paladin of PSEUDOLONEWOLFWarriorWater purificationWeb application developerWeb DeveloperWEB/UI designer, programmerWendy'sWhat job, I'm a hippie.What job? I am 13, cant get one until I turn 14. I do plan on working in a ice cream parlor.Whatever requires tech and minimal social interactionWho knows?Wiki EditorWineboyWise Old ManWise old womanWoodland management and timber production executive Work in a kitchenWorking at Valve SoftwareWorking for my DadWorking in a bookstore...World ConquerorWorld TouristWorthless human trashWrestling superstar of international renownWrestling superstar of moderate renownWriterWriter - Doctor - Politician - MusicianWriter or CinematographerWriter, Game DevWriter/ Game Developer like Pseudo =)Writer/Game DesignerWriter/Video Game Concept ArtistWriting / Game Design


Yes.Yes. # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #You should know.Your job only more pay. MuahahaYoutuberYoutuber.