Political Ideologies

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Democrats. Although I don't care.








A waste of time.Against Political Ads/PhoneCallsALL HAIL THE SLOTHS!all Polotician's today are moron'sAll the Fluffy Things!ALSO PIEambidextrousAmbivalentAmerican LibertarianAmerican Libertarian, though i don't like to talk about it. American RepublicanAmerican Republican Libertarian AnarchismAnarchistAnarcho-communistAnarcho-communist ... KindaAnarcho-PacifistAnarcho-SyndicalistAnCapAnti-Politicsanyone who is not talking bullshit aka no one.anyone who is not talking bullshit.ApoliticalArab nationalismAuthoritarian Avoiding left and right wing


bah humbugBarbieBig Brotherbite meBlehBoth Parties SuckBottom-LeftBuddhism


Can we get rid of the electoral college now?Capatilist-Communist-Facist (Yes, this could happen; and idyllically it would be beautiful.)CapitalismCare not to sayCenter BottomCentralistCentre LeftCentre rightCentristCHEEESEE!!! FOR EVERYONE!!!ChickunChloroformChristian Socialistic Extremistic RadicalismCivic PlatformClassical liberalismCollectivist AnarchismCommunismCommunism (My version)Communism (Not the russian kind! The good kind!)Communism mainlyCommunism!Communism/SocialismConceptual CommunismConflict creates progress, but unchecked, leaves ruin. Moderation is key.ConflictedConfusedConservativeConservative.Conservative/IndependantConservative/LibertarianConservative/RepublicanconservitiveConstitutionalistCosmopolitan Social DemocratCurrently UnsureCynical but guilty


DemocracyDemocracy!DemocratDemocrat, Bleeding-Heart LiberalDemocrat?DemocraticDemocratic LiberalDemocratic SocialismDemocratic SocialistDemocraticsDependsDespair.DictatorshipDictatureDo not careDoes not care about politicsDoes not care about politics (And probably doesn't understand them either)Don't careDon't care ;however, I don't like ObamaDon't care.Don't have any.Don't knowDon't really careDont CareDont take my gun Obama!!!DOWN WITH THE SYSTEM!1!1!!1DOWN WITH THE SYSTEM!1!1!!1 ANARCHY!!!1!


Economic Socialist, Social ModerateEgalitarian Eh.EnvironmentalistError 404Ethical PrudismEuropean LiberalismEvery Nation Has The Government It DeservesEverybody lies.Extremism


f*ck politicsFascistfeministFeudalismFiscal liberal, social centristFiscally Conservative, Socially MehFiscaly Conservative, anti-social engineeringFreedom and IndividualismFriendshipFuck it, we're screwed.


Glorious Soviet CommuneGo to hellGodGoverning a country is a hard taskGovernments should manage relations with other countries, not the direction of science or religion.GramscianGreen Party


Haha, Politics...Hell if I know anymoreHeterosexualHuh?Humans could never have a perfect society, as no one is perfect.Hypocrisy


I belive that cows should rule the world, They are the besti don't careI don't care.i don't knowI don't know anymore...I don't know what this means...I don't know.I don't like politicsI don't smoke.I don't trust anyonei dont like politicsI dunnoI hate politicsI Love All Extremist PartiesI Love CookiesI think its better if you just ask me. I used to careI used to care, now I see them as two sides of the same coinI wish I could careI'de rather not sayI'll vote for the most attractive oneI'm simply not wise enough.idefcIdeology is too often used as hegemonyImperialisticIndependantIndependentIndifferentIntelligentInternationalismInternetsirrelevant to a site about flash gamesIt can't be summed up in one word It doesn't work.It's all a buncha baloneyIt's all nonsenseIt's an English issue; Scotland is HOME FREE!It's complicated


Kids don't know anything about politicsKing of GonzorKittens


LAW OF PUGLazie-Fair (I doubt I spelled that right)Leave politics to the people who care. I just want to read.LeftLeft Leaning ModerateLeft LibertarianLeft of CentreLeft wingLeft-LeaningLeft-Wing (purple)LeftistLegalize cannabis!Legalize weedLeggings are not pants.let's say pragmaticLi beral Libetarian, Politics is stupid, Freedom of Choice, Agree to DisagreeLiberalLiberal (Canadian)Liberal DemocratLiberal Democratic SocialismLiberal HumanistLiberal ProgressiveLiberal/Magical Elective MonarchyLiberalismLiberatarianismLibertarianLibertarian RepublicanLibertarian SocialistLibertarian/Classic LiberalLibertarian?LibertarianismLive and let liveLogical AnarchistLong live all hypocrites!Loss of timeLove


MarxistMarxist-LeninistMax StirnerMeh,MeritocracyMeritocratic AristocracyMiddle, open mindedMinimalismMixedModeratemoderate leftModerate left-wingmonarchistMonarchist-Democracy HybridMonster raving loony partyMore like YOUR FACE is a political ideology, AM I RIGHT LADSmost leaders have had a brain transplant with a coconutmostly liberalMostly liberal? I guess?My Ideology


N/ANahNational SocialismNationalistNationalist Meritocratic HumanistNazismNeoliberalNeutralNew Democratic PartyNo No CommentNo ideaNo Label PartyNo politics for me, thank you.No speak English!No. No. No.Non-disclosedNoncommittal Neo-CapitalismNoneNone poltics are corrupt.None.None; under 18 years oldNonpartisanshipNope Nope.Not interesstedNot interestedNot into politicsNot my problemNot neededNot Particularly Fond of PoliticsNot sureNutjob Independent


Obama is a Tyrantobama is the antichristObama's pretty cool.Obey God or be smitten-istOpen MindedOpportunistic


PassivePeople who know what they're doing and aren't meanies should rulePirate PartyPirate-o-cracyPissed offPolitical Parties are the bane of DemocracyPolitics annoy mePolitics are a Necessary EvilPolitics have no place in this or any world that has managed to sustain itself without them.Politics in Idea IS a good idea, its when people misuse it when things go wrong.politics is shitPolitics Suck!Politics= Poly + Ticks!Politics=DramaPolitics? Pft.polyperspectivePoniesPossiblePotatoPotatoes shall rule the world!Practical capitalist Pragmatic / ConflictedPrefer not to sayPrefers To Actually Get Things DonePrivilege checkerPro-lifeProbably some sort of liberalProducerismProgressivePUGSPugs~PurplePyromaniac




radical moderateRelatively leftish...Religious IndividualismRepiblicanRepublic and Democratic / LiberalRepublicanRevolutionary ModerateRight Wing?


same as mineScrew politics!secretSelf-sufficientSeppyShould I have one?Skeptical Classical Liberal - Government should only be involved when necessary; sadly that's a lotSkewedslightly leaning toward liberalSlightly liberal, but mostly conservativeSocial DemocracySocial DemocratSocial democraticSocial liberalismSocialismSocialistSocialist meritocracySocialist ScumSocialist/LiberalistSocialistic Right WingednessSomething that doesn't exist yet....Somewhat ConservativeStrengthStrongly Liberal


Technocracythe advancement of science and culture to benefit all the human race and to ensure its survivalThe kindest personThe less politicians, the best.The one where we aren't all enslaved like the idiots we are...The people to have a fair shot at lifeThe return of common senseThe right is out to screw everyone but themselves and the left must not be left aloneThe sexiest oneThe two-party system doesn't work.The world is a stage, politics doubly soTheir all liars, so yea...They're all pretty evilToo YoungTopical LemonadeTotalitarianismTrotskyistTrump 4 pruzideurnt


Uh..UnaffiliatedUndecidedUndecided.UneducatedUnicornsUninterestedUniqueUnknownUnsureUs Constitutionalist UtopistUtterly Disappointed


VariedVariesVermin SupremeVoluntaryism


WE ARE THE KNIGHTS WHO SAY NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWe suck.What is that?What is this?what's that ?WhateverWhatever can make people happiest.Whatever will make people happiest.Whatever worksWho cares?Whoever is NOT a moronWhy?woefully uninformedWorld Peace


YesYou're being lied to.