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Abrahamic ReligionAbsentadvaitaaetheismAetheist Aetheist (Christian Raised)Aetheist, but each to their own, I say.Aetherian godsAethiestAethiest-EgnosticAfterlife BeliefAgnogsticAgnosticAgnostic (Middle Ground)Agnostic ApatheismAgnostic AtheismAgnostic atheistAgnostic AtheisticAgnostic AthiesmAgnostic Bahá’íAgnostic DeismAgnostic DeistAgnostic MisotheistAgnostic PantheismAgnostic SolipsismAgnostic SpiritualAgnostic theismAgnostic TheistAgnostic, AtheistAgnostic-AtheismAgnostic-Atheist-PastafarianAgnostic/AtheistAgnosticismAgnostisismAgnostocALL HAIL PUGS!ALL HAIL YALORT!!Am I supposed to say Yalort?AndinismAnglicanAnthropologicalAnti-CommunistAnti-religiousAnti-TheistAntiochian Orthodox Christian ApatheismApatheistApathetic AgnosticApathetic AgnosticismApostolic ChristianArceismAsk.AtheismAtheism, AntitheismAtheistAtheist with an open mind.Atheist/PaganAtheist?AtheisticAtheistic Leaning AgnosticAthiesmAthiestAvatar of complete potential


Babalawo but more AtheistBaha'ibaptistBaptist with caveatsBCGBeliefBelief in HeavenBelieverBeliever in god & jesusBinaryblindBuddhistBuddhist (Theravada)


Can't be having thoseCare not to sayCatholicCatholic (Ethical)Catholic (Full-bodied!) Catholic (Progressive)Catholic Christian Catholic(sorta)Chances of being born are so slim. So take some heart.ChaoticismChipmunkianChrist AlonechristanChristianChristian (but doesn't act like one)Christian (Not the Bible)Christian AgnosticChristian BaptistChristian CatholicChristian TheistChristian, but believe in "universal grace" (as opposed to conditional salvation)Christian/NaturalistChristianityChurch of Christ - ChristianChurch of Coca ColaClassifiedCo-ExistComplicatedCthuluancurrently none.Custom Religion


Daemonic AstrologyDarwins TheoryDecideDefensiveDeismDeism/AtheismdeistDepends on my moodDespair.destruction,bhuddismdeviantDinnerDisciple of GodDisciple of JesusDisciple of PoseidonDiscordianDiscordianism/Goofology/Taoism/PastafarianismDo you need to ask?Douchebagdragon (and a buddistDruid/ Zen BuddhistDudeismDustman


each there own no point forcing opinions on peopleEasier to explain.EgoistEnd of the world in 2012...?EpiscopalianEuphoriaeverythingismEvisceratismExistential NihilismExistentialist? Agnostic


FaithFaithfulFanatic Original Christian Feel Free to Ask, ZennttossianFilikianFlying Spaghetti MonsterFollower of ChirstFolower of TALOSFreethinkerFruitist


gadfly Generican GruntGnosticGnostic PantheistGnosticismgodGod and Jesus are know what just ask.God does not exist!God exists,but doesn't give a fig about usGod has so ordered the universe that we might grow and understand Love.God is a non-omnipotent 4-D personGod Is DeadGod is good.God is my only god, but I respect the choice of others.God is not necessaryGod may exist, but would he really name ONE group of humans "gods people"? Does he really care?GoofologyGreek follower


Hail satanHail YalortHard to ExplainHaruhiismHaruismHedonismHeterosexualHumanistHumanistic JudaismHumanity is Superior


I believe in God, but not religion.I believe that there could be a god but I don't follow any specific religionI belive in god in a twisted wayI belive in the all maker bananaI Belive in the god who flies in the air with farts, and sings the hymens of Ducks, I can't see it . . .i do not believe in religionI don't believe in morality, I believe in morals.I don't believe in religion.I don't consider myself anything, really.I don't get into that stuff.I don't know yet.I don't need guidanceI have no religionI Love All Religions – Especially The Violent Ones With Ridiculous Lawsi may or may not be a turnipI seek spirituality and experience rather than rituals and systemsI straddle the line of christian and aetheismI think religion is all a bunch of crap...I want to believe in a higher being or beings, but I have a hard time finding quantifiable proof.I worship the great mongoose in the skyI'll find out when I die.I'm aetheistI'm conflicted.I'm not believing in any kind of religion.I'm stone-hard atheistI'unnoidkIetsismIf there is a god let him beIll make up my own mind when the time comesImperial CultINCindividualInvisible Pink UnicornIrrelevantirrelevant to a site about flash gamesIrreligiousIs a ChristianIs half skeptical, half dubious about religionIs he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.IslamIsyeer acha.It's complicated...It's difficultIt's interessting.its fine to have yours but dont try force feeding it to other peaple


Jedi KnightJenova's WitnessJesus ChristJewishJudaismJudaism (Reform)




Lapsed CatholicLazy ChristianLDSLDS - MormonLogicLogical Agnostic Apatheism Lovecraftian agnosticLutheran


Mainly ChristianMake it up as I go alongMakes no assumptionsMehMeh.meh...member of the UCC and dad is a Catholic (both are ChristianMethodist (Christian)Militant AgnosticMisotheisticMissed itModerate CatholicModerate ChristianMonotheistMormonMostly AtheistMufasa Is lifeMuslimMuslim 4 lifeMy ownMy own beliefsMy own religion, it's nameless, has about 7 billion gods, and no rules.My own religion; it's nameless, has about 7 billion gods, and no rules.


n/aNahNew AtheismNihilistNo clueNo CommentNo god exist!No one ever gave me a religion, so I made up my own.No ReligionNo thanksNo unified religion, but an honor of a "god" is possibleNo unified religion, but an honor of "God" in multiple conceptsno unified religion, but an honor of "God" in multiple concepts.Nominally ChristianNominally Eastern Orthodoxnon religiousNon-denominational christianNon-disclosedNon-religiousNon-theistNoneNone actuallyNone at the moment.None don't really care about it.None Whatsoever.None, but i believe in LuckNone, don't really care.NonreligiousNopeNope.NorseNorse MythologyNot entirely sure...? I don't think there's a god, but perhaps a force like god? Fate, Luck, maybe?Not entirely sure...? I don't think there's a god, but perhaps a force like god? Fate, Luck, maybe?Not religiousNot sureNot sure how to put it.


O' Gawd Of DreamsObjectivismOmnitheisticOpen MindedOpen minded atheistOrthodox ChristianOrthodox christianityOwn design


PaganPagan/WiccanPan-Abrahamic DeistPanendeistPanentheistPantheismPantheistPanthikopimiistPartial Christianity PastafarianPastafarianismPeaceful CoexistencePentecostal Christianphilosophy, Ancient Anstronaut TheoryPhysicalimPhysicalismpolydeismPolytheismPossiblepossibly jewishPotatoPragmatic Wiccan (mostly)Praise the Sun! Praise the Sun! \ [T] /PresbyterianProtestant ChristianProtestant ChristianityProtestant Christianity, AgnosticPseudoismPUG CHREISTPUGSPugs~PUGUS CHREISTPyroismPyrotheist




Római KatolikusReligion causes conflict and conflict is badReligion has no place in the modern world. The sooner we realize that, the better.Religion is an important administrative tool with high abuse potential, little moreReligion?Realy?Respects all ReligionsRoman CatholicRoman Catholic/YalortismRussell's TeapotRussian Orthodox


satanistSciencescience...not Scientology... that's goofyScientific PantheismScientific, but not discounting a godScrew religionsecret Secular Humanistsecular JewishSelf-Proclaimed AtheistSeppyismShamanism/ ChristianShintoShinto/ChristianSkeptically AgnosticSolakianSomewhat ChristianSomewhere between Atheism and PantheismSpiritismSpiritualSpiritual PaganSpiritual.SpiritualityStrong AgnosticStrong Agnostic AtheistSufismsure why notSyncretist


Taoist TAYLORismTemplarian/ProtossthaoismThat which is my ownThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day SaintsThe EggThe Floating GravelThe Hidden TruthThe LightThe PenisThe Wind Guardian RaphaelTheismTheistTheistic AgnosticTHERE IS NO GODThere might be something up there, but for as long as I'm stuck here, they don't exist.To each their ownTolerance and ContemplationTranshumanismTranshumanistTrocistTrue ChristianTruth SeekerTurboism(My own Denomination)


Uh.UnaffiliatedUncertainUndecidedUneasy MetaphysicalUnitarian-UniversalistUnknownUnorganized ChristianUpsets most religious people(don't ask)Used to be quite religious but my faith has been broken a while ago


WanderingWhatever makes you happyWhichever ideology states that I, as a college student, do not have the time for religion.who needs itWhy do people think i would know anything about that which cannot be certain?WhypseudowhyWiccanWiccan (mostly)WillAlveinism