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I've been inactive here for a while, but usually check back every couple weeks just to see what's going on. Anyways, decided to log back in to leave a quick comment.

I voted "Positive" in the above poll. I don't know you and I'm not going to pretend to truly understand all of the mixed feelings you have about the community that you've built here. Like many others, I first discovered your site through the games you've published. The games that I've spent a few hundred hours playing. I know I'm not alone in saying that you've brought countless hours of enjoyment to a ton of people through your work. Now that I've paused in my typing for a moment to read some other posts, Eyeofpie has basically said everything that I want to say directly to you and I'm not sure what else I can add other than my own experience with this site.

I stopped logging in for a reason you seem to have touched on in your new post. The whole perceived "hateful" attitude towards things was a big part of it. I eventually felt that every time I opened the site, I would be greeted with a new post that just got me a little down. It's depressing to read about another persons unhappiness. It felt like the site was stuck in some loop of negativity between creator and the scum of the internet.

Anyways. That's just my two cents. Don't be two discouraged if the results of this poll tend towards negative. The vocal minority can be really excrementty.

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Sinapi 25 Netherlands MelancholicCholeric INFJ 78C
It's no secret that you and I don't exactly see eye to eye. Sometimes I do poke fun at you, but really only in jest. You're not always popular among your followers, but people are often times more unfair to you than you could be to any one user. With the exception of a handful of people (many of which are people who help you manage the site to begin with), the userbase seems largely unaware of what all you have to weigh with every decision you make about the sites or how to handle user issues - and the difficult position that the users sometimes put you in to make the calls that need to be made, but that nobody wants to hear. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we are our own undoing as a userbase.
I fully support your decision to tend to your garden as you've seen fit to do in the last month or two. There are plenty of other users who feel the same way.

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Din65 28 United States ENTP 14C
The reason I replied "strongly negatively" is twofold: 1) you spend so much energy on judging you stopped creating, and 2) you are externalizing your emotional health, and not accepting the consequences of that decision as your fault.

A long long time ago I found this place interesting, and I am still a big fan of the Mardek series. However at some point (I can't tell you when exactly, I was never very active) the emphasis on personality profiles devolved from self-discovery to discrimination and bigotry. The source of that was from the top; Pseudolonewolf. You has created wonderful things, and you has suffered unduly as a consequence due to the callousness of the internet. My experience with you, however, is you reduce the complexity of people when discussing them. Humanity is a much richer tapestry than any categorical reduction.

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I realize I'm not the most mature person around, so take my rants with a grain of salt.

Anything I say will probably be something someone has already said better.

With that said, onwards!

I VERY VERY VERY strongly believe that inherently bad people do not exist, or are atleast very rare. Most people can justify all their actions to themselves, and perhaps even a handful of other people. I am sure even a murderous thief can look at himself in the mirror and give himself a thousand reasons for his actions. Perhaps he is poor? Perhaps the guy he killed was an arse? He might even convince the jury.
(I am not implying you're a murderous thief, read on)

Same with this community. You will find enough people who will support your opinions, and enough people who will be against them. On the recent events, I highly disapprove of your actions, but I'm just a tiny atom in that mirror you're trying to look into through this post.

You have flaws, you do have places where you need improvement.
You do have positive values too, otherwise I would not be writing this. You're an inspiring and creative genius. I am sure you have *other* more *personal* good qualities too, but I have had no personal interactions with you. A lot of people do like you, so you do have likeable qualities.

That is how everyone is, and I accept that. You should accept it too. What I value is not how many desirable qualities or flaws one has (because people will ALWAYS have flaws, obviously.) What I value is the will to correct those flaws. I find that I lead a happy life with that outlook.

If you're ready to take advice, adapt and improve, I (And anyone else here who is like me) will automatically like you. If you continuously try to get us to "understand" you, and try to get us to accept the justifications you (and some parts of this mirror) give to you, we will see you as stagnated and self-centred.
(Note also that neither side is "incorrect", both will have justifications)

This is not your intent, probably. You have anxiety and are already sick of advice like "Stop being like this!", and are thus trying to get us to understand, maybe. But other people face problems too. Others too have their own issues and deserve empathy, understand, love and all that other stuff. Perhaps you deserve more understanding than 95% of the people here, but you discount the other 5% (Which I am not a part of, btw) in trying to get understanding yourself. Perhaps you're using this site in a way it's not supposed to be used. We're not trained psychologists, most of us are teens. I said some time ago that nobody wants to be bad. Fighunter doesn't want to be bad either. People here react the same way everyone else on the planet reacts. You cannot change that, you cannot even run away from it. You will need to adapt to it, but that's probably the same bad advice that makes you hate this place.

I shall cut off that tangent immediately, that is a discussion for a totally different thread.

What is the motive of this poll? Are you concious of the way people perceive you? or are you trying to get an objective judgement about the recent events from other people?

If it's the former, my opinion would be "Stop worrying about how we see you and start improving on yourself. There will always be people who like you and people who don't"

If it's the latter, my opinion would be "There will always be people who like you and people who don't, don't just read what you like reading. Don't overdo it and go on guilt trips either. I hope this helps you grow."

I have voted "A little negative" right now. It is not a judgement or a final rigid opinion that will be associated with you forever in my eyes. It is simply a little motivation to get you to move.

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ThirdParty 35 United States PhlegmaticCholeric INTJ 514 177C
A β Pseudolonewolf said:
but will I regret this?!

Of course you'll regret it. Even if you get 100 positives and only 1 negative, you'll feel deeply wounded by that 1 negative. (And then you'll probably blame the FigHunter community for "making" you feel that way.) Hasn't this road already been explored dozens of times in the past few years?

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I'm sort of happy that you've decided to make a post like this, Pseudo. You probably won't read this, but whatever.

DISCLAIMER: I'll be bringing up an example or two from the past.

I will probably say that I am one of the people Dupin described in his second paragraph. I don't have a negative reaction to you because of who you are, but rather how you have been conducting yourself as of this past year.

When I first joined this site through MARDEK, I was intrigued by the people who frequented it. It was chill, and while some of the interaction, language, and content were a tad socially awkward, it was a fun place to be.

I think where troubles began was when you started mentioning people trying to help you and offering advice. This really took off when your blogs began to talk about how you didn’t like people making suggestions at the best and how you didn’t want to become friends with more male teenagers. That became the start of the alienation between you and a portion of the community.

The blog posts became gradually more negative and the blog post about the webcomic Catharsis slowly bled out your frustration into an observable entity. Around that time you started spending more time on your new hugbox SoulTome and making small passive-aggressive moves (e.g., the DUHHHHHH incident), leaving FigHunter to its devices (and I began to frequent this site less). Coming back, you banned prominent members of the community without giving specific reasons, which was perfectly within your right, but that ended up affecting the rest of the community that you turned your back on negatively.

On the poll I voted “Negative” because I don’t think you deserve a strong negative reaction from me. You have your problems that you need to work through and I have mine. My reaction stems from how I’m not seeing what you’re doing to solve them. Your posts talk about your problems, and it’s good to vent. When they become virtually the only thing to read for months with only the situations changing around it gets taxing after a while. I think retreating to SoulTome helps only if it boosts your confidence in operating in the real world.

Tl;dr: voted “negative,” thinks A β Pseudolonewolf needs to stop running from what troubles him.

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Thewooter 27 United Kingdom CholericMelancholic INTJ 5w6 123C

Positive, I respect and like you allot, but I dont think we would be firends.

(you described jokey people and "hell" at one point and I ababadnoned sensitveness and insigtfull converstion for jokes and laddishness years ago, it makes you HATE yourself but makes it eiser for most of those around you)

As I grow to understand you are your life I begien to respect you again, and I really relate to the sruggles of "impulse" vs "mind" that you display allot.


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Hello, I used to be a member of the old Fig hunter site and kind of stopped we go the new site. Well from what I remember of you, you weren't much of a talker, but you did seem like you were having fun when you chatting with people about things you liked. But aside from that that you were also the type of guy who wears their hearts on their sleeves. I remember reading a couple very very personal posts of you life, psyche, and most other things that most people would only talk about with people close to them. But this is the internet, regardless of who a person really is once they adopt a persona on this internet that is them for better or for worse (Even right now I'm adopting this persona of some one who thinks he knows whats going on and trying to try to make someone feel better; it may a little bit of me but this text isn't all of me), and yes even if we know things on a conscious level it is hard to process deal with it when we get emotional, doesn't help that you are the kinda guy who thinks to much.
I rated you very positively not because I know you very well (hell I haven't been on this site for years), but because of the type of person you portray your self on the internet. You really don't want to be lonely, just like anyone else, and you tried to do something about: you tried to create a community from the games you made and hoped other people would enjoy them enough and come. whelp such is life some thing work out and some things don't take the good you got from it (I'm you there was some), leave the bad and move (haha easy to say, I know it is not as easy to do).
I don't know some people will grow harder more calloused skin and live not letting what other people say get to them more.
Others might just go "screw this" give up and get depressed.
Then some will just toss away all the good and bad to try to move on to something else. Well besides that you have a myriad amount of reposes to the past and choices for the future you could make (nothing is stopping you from buying a ticket to Australia and becoming a odds job man there, though I would suggest somewhere less humid) so remember the your world isn't such a closed space only your world is.
Well haha this has gone on for long enough I won't tell you to get better or anything since my 2 cents won't do much, it's up to you to sort out your emotions; and well I tell you what I told you years ago why not got out and get some fresh air, meet new people sure it's scary but if you let that stop then nothing will change; you brushed me off some years ago since I was a middle schooler (and you didn't really like young people in your chatroom back then), but Ha I'm a high schooler now so there, well life a life you want to live and farewell, thanks for making this site those years ago when I was also lonely and wanted to talk to someone, I might not have talked that much but it was something non the less.

Welp grammatical mistakes galore feel free and take a prinny.