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This is one in a series of threads; see ∞ this one ∞ for the explanation.

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I started posting on these and now feel I would be unfair to somebody if I'd stop now! D:>

I have a pretty high opinion on !!  Heiveldboy. He is a difficult guy too, and a lot of his threads or posts did have a heavy/negative touch to them but they all were very honest and open posts, which I can admire, most of his views I understand and partly share and he really tried to better his negative traits and did good by it. Also he sparked activity and interesting discussions/conversations. I really do think that he is a loss to fighunter.

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His threads tend to be intentionally controversial and occasionally repetitive, but by no means did I ever feel like he was trying to be toxic to others. It's more like some kind of lawful neutral type dude who only posted for the sake of discussion. He wanted to talk about things and we talked back. It was nice.
Tama Yoshi

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Tama Yoshi 24 Canada PhlegmaticCholeric INTJ 513 472C
I'm not surprised that you see Heiveldboy as a thorn in your side.
He is extremely argumentative indeed. But I've witnessed his behavior on this site, and he was trying to get better, and arguably was getting better at 'arguing'.

But yes, Heiveldboy and 'arguing' are almost synonyms. If you don't like arguing, it means you won't like him. I, though, love arguing, in the intellectual sort of way (which is constructive or something? I'm not talking about this sort of illogical rant about trying to prove everyone wrong at all costs!!1)

I can absolutely see why he would not belong on Soultome. But I liked him on fighunter.

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anakin123 19 Belgium MelancholicPhlegmatic INFJ 459 282C
I consider Heiveld as someone that can be very... Difficult to interract with, not that I really have tried at any point, but I've never had any reasons to actually not like him either.
I do know for fact that you hurt his feelings a lot .

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Sinapi 25 Netherlands MelancholicCholeric INFJ 78C
I used to not understand the userbase's cumulative distaste for Heiveld, I thought he was alright. As anakin said, he's difficult to interact with sometimes. Often times, I found that the only way to interact positively with him was to remain completely neutral or to say nothing at all. He wasn't combative, but he truly was difficult. He wasn't destructive in his nuisances, but he wasn't constructive, either.

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woolfy 22 Ireland PhlegmaticSanguine INFP 2C
I didn't know Heiveldboy, but I know a lot about living with Asperger's, and he has all the classic symptoms. Argumentative, finds interacting with people challenging, and highly interested in niche topics.
Knowing Pseudo, I can completely see why these traits would clash with his own sensitive personality. We (as in us Aspie's) find it hard to tell how what we say will affect someone. We think much more in logic than emotion, and often have to be told directly what others seem able to grasp from body language or some other wizardry.
Learning all the social norms is often a trial and error process. It pains me to think of the mistakes I made, but at least they allowed me to mature.
Heiveldboy is an adult. If someone takes just a few minutes to explain, using as much logic as possible, how he is hurting Pseudo and the community it is only fair to expect better behavior. For this community to work everyone needs to get along, and if he considerably disrupts the peace his Asperger's shouldn't earn him special treatment.

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Nowadays I don't write many forum posts, but it appears that I've compelled to do this, or something.

Heiveld has always been a close, reliable and caring friend for me (contradictions, possibly?). I admit, he had been rather augmentative, abrasive and possibly rude to certain people, and he agrees that he did act in that way.

However, I strongly believe that there have been serious reforms in his behaviour. He is a lively, talkative but not overbearing, considerate person that actually listens to people's emotions (regardless of how well he understands them). In fact, I might go as far to say that he does understand emotions, but I doubt that will make much sense for someone suffering from Aspergers.

Especially over the few weeks before his banning, he would embody these qualities to be a truly likeable user. He was active, and contributed regularly to both the chatroom and the forums – a truly valuable asset for a community based around conversing.

On ∞ Old Fig ∞ (where I believe he first arrived here), he seemed to follow your guidance written to this day on the About page. "As such, [the site is] ideal for 'intellectual' types." I'm not attempting to incriminate you in any way, Pseudo, but I'm suggesting that maybe his actions were based on that. Since Bubbles, though, he has altered his behaviour to fit that of the new ideology, or whatever I should refer to it as.

When talking to him about this thread on Skype he remarked frequently his 'guilt'. He feels that he was worthy of being banned from his past behaviour; he sympathises with the motives that led to his ultimate banning. That should be some form of evidence of his reformation, I think!

So, in the same way that most of the community has come to talk more about personality than gaming, I would think that it follows to judge a person by their present actions. That is all I have to say for now. I strongly believe that Heiveld was one of the most unjustly banned members of the 'Big Five' (which became seven, it seems).

On a brighter note, though, it's amusing to see how even the most anti-you people have noted and commended your actions with the possibility of unbanning people and stuff. It seems we're back on track for a happier community, after all!