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How do you feel about Frances?
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Absolutely neutral. Never interacted with her, and no forum posts that stuck in my mind. I, of course, have read the posts about the whole affair with her, but that didn't make me form an opinion about her. From my view, this was all just an unfortunate and unsightly conflict between two individuals. Neither of them was right or wrong in a whole, both did wrong actions out of emotionally spurred momentums.

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anakin123 19 Belgium MelancholicPhlegmatic INFJ 459 282C
So wait, are we supposed to actually explain what we vote for?
Cause... if we are, this thread is soon going to become a warzone.

Anyways; Strongly negative:
Frances was plain out annoying/offensive to me, and basically made me hate this place so much I left.

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Sinapi 25 Netherlands MelancholicCholeric INFJ 78C
Strongly negative:
I have plenty of reasons for believing that Fran should have been removed from all sites sooner. This is from someone who used to hold a positive opinion of her. As you said, she is extremely combative; not only is she needlessly argumentative toward other users, she also takes it upon herself to carry out a vendetta against a user who she feels has wronged her until some idea of hers of justice is served. She is downright militant in pursuing it.

I would have liked to vote neutral/uninterested because I mostly don't care and have made a visible effort to keep my distance from her nuisances, but her actions over the last few months have been incredibly unfair to the people around her, including and especially the people who once thought of her as a close friend.