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So, about me. Well, I'm an American, and I can't say I'm proud of that. Why? Apart from the fact that we think its our business to force our ways on other countries without first picking our own problems, there's the fact that 1/4 of Americans are narcissists (this is based on empirical research), the overly individualistic nature of my country, and the rampant hedonism. Do I like anything about America? Well, it is my opinion that America has better heavy metal bands than any other country. That's right! No one knows how to get angry like an American.

Speaking of which, that's a lot of what I listen to - heavy metal. I also listen to the occasional video game soundtrack (including Pseudo's stuff, of course) and a few punk rock bands, some of which border on alt, but apart from that, I mostly listen to heavy metal. Why? I dunno. I guess I have anger issues. Not anger management issues, mind you. just anger issues.

I read an obsessive amount of manga, although I'll read any graphic novel as long as it's not sickeningly naive (obviously, I'm into the "darker" manga like Ikigami and Mirai Nikki). I also watch a lot of anime, too. Unlike with graphic novels, I really can't stand American TV. Mr. Stewart and Mr. Colbert are the only ones who can hold my interest. I do happen to like American movies though. That may just be because I haven't seen many non-American movies (though I did like Let Me In more than Let the Right One In).

I also play video games a lot (hence why I'm here). I mostly like RPGs and action games, just like everyone else today, except I hate the mainstream games. I'd much rather play Shin Megami Tensei game than an Elder Scrolls game and I'll take the Resistance series over Gears of War and Halo any day (guess who doesn't own an Xbox?). It's not really a question of American-made versus not American-made... just what's mainstream, I guess.

Do I have hopes and dreams for the future? Yes, I do. I want to be a writer of scripts, perhaps for graphic novels, perhaps for video games (in which case I'd also want to help design the video games). I've spent some time writing, though I don't think I'm very good yet. Mind you, I don't necessarily hate the scripts I've wrote, it just takes me a sickeningly long time to write something and I have thrown out way more scripts than I have kept. Nonetheless, I feel like I'm getting better, so I'm gonna keep at it. If, for whatever reason, you're interested in something I've written, just pm me. I'm always eager for feedback as long as it's honest.

I do feel like I'm better at designing games, but I don't seem to enjoy that as much. It's mainly just the level design; if someone did that for me, I'd probably be a lot more satisfied. I haven't gotten much positive feedback on my games, but that's because I tend to give my games ridiculously high difficulties (I can't beat the game I'm currently working on if the difficulty's set to easy). Those who can sludge through the difficulty have been nicer than most other testers. So far, I've really only made top-down shooters. I'd like to make rpgs, but I'm using gamemaker, which isn't as nice about manipulating data as a "real" programming language (I'm currently taking introductory computer science at college).

I have an above-average interests in academics for people my age. I actually study psychology outside of class and a bit of philosophy on the side. I guess I wouldn't mind teaching those subjects if I had to. Incidentally, the study of those areas has had a profound influence on my writing.


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