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5 years ago

New Site Version 'Beta'

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I think I've essentially finished the 'new version' of the site now... which isn't so much a 'new version' as a cosmetic makeover. Though I suppose the removal of certain features is enough to make it count as new, and... well, anyway!

I've not yet finished every detail, and some 'minor' parts of the site like the Games page(s) and aspect list pages are a complete mess because I haven't looked at them yet. I'll work on those soon.

For now, though, I think it's safe, so I'll provide the link here and make the full switch in a few days (at which point the link I provide here will probably no longer work, and the new version will be accessible from the basic address).

Please be gentle, though... I'm under a fair bit of stress at the moment and tried to work fast on this to get it out of the way, so I don't want some teenage psychopaths making my life difficult again.
This is a gift that I am giving you all for free, which took a lot of time and effort, so, uh, please remember that.

Anyway, you can access the new version here: ∞ Fig Hunter ∞

I personally feel a lot better being on this brighter version of the site... but I'm also scared about letting people in in case they break things, so, uh, please don't give me reasons to worry further...

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I like the colors of the new layout, but maybe make the color of the text stand out a bit more. It blends in a bit. Aside from that one thing, I think the new color scheme of the site looks great

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lazarony 30 United States CholericSanguine ESTJ 8w7 503C
Certainly not a bad change, but I find the colors to be a tad harsh to look at. Maybe that's just me. The general feel seems better though. Good work!

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mmagee 32 Canada CholericSanguine ENFP 297 21C
I totally dig the new colour scheme. But I don't think it's quite perfect. I don't think that the brightness is an issue I think it has to do with the luminosity of the background and text being too similar. I think this results in the text being drowned by the background.

The colours really remind me of this Mark Rothko painting: ∞ LINK ∞
but with purple and cream instead of pink and white.

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I can't really decide whether I like this or not. From my very limited time here, I can agree with some of the features that you changed, but the color scheme feels almost too bright. Honestly, I preferred the color scheme on the other site. It felt better, really. Easier on the eyes. This feels almost uncomfortable. Just about everything else is an improvement in my opinion, however. Good work!

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Oh, I seem to have gotten here late. For what it's worth, I actually appreciate the lighter, more open design. It's easy on the eyes and has a kind of springy feel. I don't know how many more of the features I'll look at in the near future, since I'm busy building up crochet stock, but at a brief glance, I think it looks good.
david s

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david s 25 United States MelancholicCholeric ISFJ 621 1193C
I love the new version.

You put work into it, and the least I can do is be grateful for your effort, and the rest of you should at least acknowledge that. I mean, seriously? Pseudo constantly works hard on everything here, you should perhaps just be grateful. I mean, Pseudo makes these games and doesn't demand you pay him for them, he lets us all be a part of his site, he even makes things to improve it for us and to make us comfortable, shouldn't you at least acknowledge his efforts and be grateful for that?

I dunno, that might just be me, but I will say that the new site certainly has a fresher and friendlier feel to it.

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EDIT: I should probably put this at the beginning: I love the new site.

The Homepage:
The color scheme is great, and I like how we can give feedback on your blog posts (it's only positive, but that is all I would end up giving, anyway). I also like how you changed the blog sidebar a bit. And is it just me, or is the font in the top bar a bit different?

The Forum:
Already, I like the forum. Why? Because it contains and archive. I assume that the threads in the archive can all be posted in, just like regular threads. I like the page and the colors of the tabs, as I feel that they go very well with the other colors of the site. I really like how you wrote separate Forum Rules for the Thinking and Feeling sections of the forum. (I also noticed that, unfortunately, someone has already been banned...) Finally, I like the new commenting design -- I think that it goes well with the tone of the new site.

Members Page:
Nothing new here...

Rules, About, & FAQ:
For one thing, the dramatic decrease in the number of rules is nice. The three existing rules still convey the basic desires of the community, but will much less fluff and in a less intimidating way. I think it is nice that you cut down the About section to only a few lines, as well.

Games Tab:
I like how you changed the screenshots to small slits that can be opened, so that they don't take up half of the page. It's also interesting how each game has a list of plays.

I think that the new profile designs are really nice, showing everything about the person on just the first page.

I don't expect to be in the Chat area much, but I decided to check it out anyway...It fits really well with the brighter atmosphere of the site, and is only slightly different in layout. I don't have much feedback about how much I like this part of the site, though (sorry!), because I really don't spend much time in chat...

Anyways, overall, I really like the new site design.
Dator Sojat

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I actually really like the new site's color scheme. It reminds me of drinking coffee in the morning so that I'm not rude to everyone I meet....
However it may just be me and my silly browser (firefox Aurora), but I think my nameplate in the top right of the screen should be centered, instead of above the messages/pms/settings/logout buttons....
It seems strange that the comments don't expand to fill the entire space (look to the right of my comment, and you'll understand, unless viewing on a really small screen).
And though the text is a tad small, we have the zoom function to fix that, but many people I know are to bothered to press cntr+= (hold control and press the equal/plus button) to zoom in, and would rather whine about it....
Sir Vitor

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I would suggest a little bit more of dark colors in the top of the pages. Don't feel bad, but now the site looks like a book that was dropped in the water, and lost most of his color.

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The new site is much more colourful, but I think a bit of contrast wouldn't hurt; the smaller text is particularly hard to read without squinting a little. Will there be options to change the theme?