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Game: Raider - The Adventures of Arkus Zei

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So, for the two of you at the top, Psuedo has previously been asked if he wants or needs help. He DOES NOT! I believe he even has it on his FAQ section of the site. He would feel that your concept and his wouldn't match, and that the game would no longer be what he wants it to be. Because of this, he might actually spend MORE time antagonizing over what you're doing, and how it fits in with his grand scheme. As GameZone said, Psuedo is has a ton of games organized at once. This adds pressure, and makes him worry that somehow he's disappointing us fans. In addition to this, he has his agoraphobia and immense lack of a social life( As I believe he's said, I apologize if I'm mistaken). His lack of social skills would also make working with others and incredible ordeal, having to make sure that your quality is high enough, having to communicate with you on a daily basis, likely feeling inferior for working with someone younger than him on the same level (Let's see, when was his minor breakdown on having no real friends, and only really interacting with children?) So please, don't talk about him needing help, it isn't in his personality to want help, and when your sitting here complaining about the release time of his games, he's sitting at home getting depressed over disappointing fans or failing to live up to expectations.