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Well, I never stated that a relationship HAS TO HAVE YELLING and FIGHTING and KILLING!!!!
But I'm wondering how he'll react if he and his significant other were to have a conflict. I don't have any experience with all that, but judging from what I've seen couples argue once in a while and Pseudo says he dislikes conflicts and etc.
Also, I'm not asking how he'll react to conflicts that go too far, but rather to normal disagreements and etc that do could invoke some anger, frustration and etc.

Hmm, I don't know why relationships must have conflicts or such. I guess it's because I was raised in an environment that values such a thing?

So let's summarize this whole wish-wash of text: I'm not saying that Pseudo SHOULD have conflicts or disagreements with his significant other, I'm wondering how he'll act if it were to happen.

Also, I'm a random member?!?!?! That's so hurtful! ;.;