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Hmm, yes, this is the thing that I've heard time and time again... I've tried to look for other 'sensitive' types before, but I basically always hear "I used to be like that, but then I toughened up because of the way that people treated me"...

It's distressing, because I've been through various 'hardships' myself, but my response was never to change and become guarded in the way that basically everyone else has.

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I admire you for that, for refusing to conform.

...I just think that, in this day and age--for girls especially--it's a defense thing. In my case, if I hadn't learned how to guard myself, to not be afraid of standing up, I'd be in a bad place now. I think some girls--especially the quiet, gentler ones--feel really vulnerable in today's world.

I wouldn't consider myself a cynical person, or even a badass, per se--but in my situation, I literally had to learn how to fight back.

...I don't know if you've seen Firefly, but I guess the easiest way to sum myself up is as a sort of River Tam. I'm generally quiet, sensitive, and unassuming, but if I feel truly threatened--that's when my 'toughened' side kicks in.

...Not that my toughened side's anywhere as awesome as River's. XD