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Blog: Ugh

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I wish I could just feel happy that I can do what these people can't, but their attacks are often more than just words; it's hard to shrug them off when they're finding and distributing games that I haven't finished, which aren't for the eyes of the public yet, or hacking into my sites, and so on. I wish it was just words.

I already have a few moderators who check these kinds of things; I wouldn't have known about that comment at all if not for one of them bringing it to my attention. Mostly they seem to handle things like this without me having to get my hands dirty; it's been a while since I actually read anything like this here.

Unfortunately though, this community has been so difficult for all of us that many of the moderators have simply resigned, because it was too much stress...
Forum: My thoughts on this site

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Well. There goes the last broken tatters of my mind. Might as well just give up now.
Blog: Weekly Update!!!!

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I'm glad that you find this game interesting!

And that you think I'm an inspirational person, though I wonder whether you've just not read enough to know that that's totally not true or something!!1 Still, it's nice to hear something like that...

My difficulty with finding friends comes from how hard it is to find the sorts of people I'd be most interested in talking to... I mean, all my life I've been surrounded by 'nerdy gamer guys' who like talking about fragging things and porn or whatever, and while I don't have any difficulty finding people like that and talking to them when the opportunity arises, it makes me feel weary because I'd rather talk to people who I could be all gentle and emotional with. Someone I could talk about my feelings of being 'different' and not-belonging with, who'd be able to say "I know how that is!" rather than just changing the topic or giving me advice about how I can change or something.

I will try not to lose hope, and I have at least met people who I can talk in that way with before, but it is hard sometimes having nobody to really talk with. There's still a lot of the university year left, though, so maybe I'll run into people like that in time. Somehow.

Anyway, thank you for your words!
Blog: Weekly Update!!!!

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The course that I'm doing is okay, I suppose, and I have learned some things from it, but it's so slow; it's taking weeks to teach us what I could probably teach myself in a weekend. At least it means that the work isn't hard, so I can focus more on making games and also finding friends.
Forum: Pseudo's developer self-esteem issues.

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I'm not 'under-valuing myself', I'm being realistic. I think that my games are definitely worth playing, but my skills lie in design, not marketing. I just don't have the sort of personality that excels at selling myself or contacting multiple important people or anything like that. I also wouldn't want to get someone to do it for me, because then I'd have to pay and actually interact with them.

I understand that apps are generally more profitable than Flash games, and that's why I want to get into making them. It's taking a while to get the hang of it, though, because there are tons of specific considerations to take into account when making games for a mobile device. Things I've never had to concern myself with before, like using touchscreen controls. And I'm having to learn a new programming language (or rather, how to get it to interact with the Android device).

MARDEK 4 isn't my only game. I'm trying a bunch of other things that probably WILL be profitable because they'll rely on drawing in players on a long-term basis (DreamQuest), microtransactions (Miasmon), or they'll be apps (Wyrmholes). All of those would require relatively short-term investments before they start generating revenue, whereas MARDEK 4 would require a long, long term investment before it was able to generate anything.

Those seem a better bet than MARDEK at this point, which is why I'm choosing not to focus on *that* game. It doesn't mean I think I'm worthless as a developer or anything. Just that I'm not interested in MARDEK at this particular time, and like I feel I need to secure a reliable foundation before trying something risky and extremely time-consuming like that.

I've also been spending most of my time worrying about the fact that I'm now at university, though, and the fact that I haven't had a friend in years and am continuing to fail to find any. Game making is rather taking a back seat at the moment, until I can establish some kind of emotional foundation that will stop me from feeling cripplingly miserable most of the time. It's incredibly difficult to work through those moods.
Forum: Four Factions

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Thanks for reminding me why I hate posting here, though!!! Ugh. I totally don't regret this at all!!
Forum: Four Factions

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I wish I hadn't included that fifth option. People are so open to new ideas, just like whenever I made every other new version or feature of the site. It fills me with such joy and motivation.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that there would be places where everyone could post if they wanted to, and they'd surely end up becoming the most popular. The only purpose of the factions would be to give people an *additional* place to post in a way that makes them most comfortable while receiving responses that they might like. It's not as if you'd be completely split up and unable to socialise with your friends or anything.

An idea like this appeals to me deeply, so it doesn't really matter much to me whether you like it or not, unfortunately.
Forum: Four Factions

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Here are four additional descriptions of each faction, in bullet point form for easy reading (try to see the whole that they present, rather than focusing on specific points):

* Fun, jokey atmosphere
* Group unity
* Theoretical, mental acrobatics
* Intellectual stimulation
* Logically consistent ideas and beliefs
* Prefers to avoid 'heavy stuff'
* Enjoys games with eachother
* Oddball, offbeat
* Dislikes formality
* Prefer straightforwardness

* Fun, jokey atmosphere
* Group unity
* Clearly defined rules
* Competition is valued rather than shunned
* Debate and disagreements are welcome
* Playful teasing
* Poetic and dramatic expression of feelings
* Admires passionate delivery of beliefs
* Concerned about social issues and where the world is heading
* Dislikes apathy
* Dislikes subdued discussions about personal feelings
* Dislikes relaxed personal activities

* Sombre and serious
* Pragmatic
* Thick-skinned
* Values loyalty
* Stern and strict
* Dislikes boisterous, 'fun' exchanges
* Welcome debate
* Prefers discussions with a meaningful or productive outcome
* Prefers practical ideas over those without application
* Prefers to talk about the present rather than what-if scenarios
* Doesn't value a 'group identity'
* Competitive

* Sombre and serious
* Emotional
* Empathetic
* Sensitive to others feelings
* Needs to vent
* Prefers emotional discussions about people or relationships
* Needs a calm and non-threatening environment; hates conflict
* Loves to share personal worries and weaknesses openly, in a non-dramatic manner
* Likes to talk about new beginnings, opportunities for personal growth, and plans for the future
* Dislikes loud emotional displays or boisterous jokey atmospheres that don't go in depth
* Wry, subdued humour and understatement
* Prefers discussions with a satisfying emotional purpose rather than those that are just for 'fun'
* Dislikes poetic, pretentious wording
* Asks probing personal questions about people and likes to answer them, too
* Doesn't value group unity

Forum: Four Factions

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(EDIT: Please also read the blog post about this before voting.)

I'm currently working on deciding what to do about my site(s)... I think I'm going to make Alora Fane my main site (changing the url accordingly, eventually), since it better reflects what I want to do with my life, but I'll still keep Fig Hunter going even if I don't exactly update it much or anything.

I've mentioned the idea of splitting the site multiple times, but then I also said that I might not, so... well! I'm still not sure.

I think rather than explicitly splitting it, what I'll do is allow people to choose a sort of 'faction' for themselves, which limits the forum and chatroom that they can use. There'd be four factions, and five forums and chatrooms; one 'neutral' place where everyone could post, and one for each faction that could be seen, but not posted in, by people of other factions. You could probably change your faction from the settings page, but only every 24 hours or so to prevent people from shifting it around constantly.

I learned about a personality type called Socionics recently, and I can't remember whether I talked about it or not here. The general idea behind it is that there are eight forms of interaction, and each person values them in different ways.
There are two that they live by, which they try to inject into every situation regardless of relevance; they get annoyed when other people don't have enough of these.
There are two that they aren't good at, but value in other people.
Two that they are good at but don't value; they find them completely uninteresting and keep them to themselves.
And two that they find frustrating and hate.

There are sixteen socionics types (mine's EII), each based around different combinations of these values. These types form four groups called 'quadras', and generally, even though the four types in each quadra are quite distinct, they value a similar kind of discussion style or atmosphere because they value the same functions in different ways.

I may try to make these faction things based around these quadra, sort of... Not explicitly (socionics woludn't be mentioned in their descriptions), but in essence. They'd probably be given fantasy-style names and fancy logos and such eventually, though I've only just had the idea so I'm not at that stage yet. You'd probably get their icon next to your name, so then anyone could see which faction you've chosen.

The four factions might be something like this:

FACTION A: Values a fun, playful, jokey atmosphere with entertaining games, and discussions based around theoretical ideas, sharing thoughts about games and films and such, being mentally agile and exploring many possibilities, all while avoiding 'heavy stuff' that gets people down. They prefer to develop a group identity, to feel like they're part of a whole.

FACTION B: Values fun, playful jokey stuff like faction A, but they also admire assertiveness and toughness, thick skins, etc. They like views that are expressed passionately, and often express their own in a poetic, dramatic manner. They see value in competition, and as such enjoy friendly debate. They also like to feel like they're part of a whole group, such as by choosing a 'group name' to refer to themselves ('I'm a figgie!').

FACTION C: Prefers serious, sombre interaction over jokey fun. They like to express themselves deeply and seriously, but they also admire toughness and thick skins. They prefer pragmatic discussions that result in something meaningful. They don't care about 'group unity'.

FACTION D: Like faction C, they prefer sombre, serious discussions rather than jokey fun, but they value emotional sensitivity, empathy, and long discussions about personal values, worries, and so on; 'heavy stuff'. They are easily wounded and prefer an atmosphere which isn't threatening. They also don't care about 'group unity', preferring few close connections over many shallow ones.

Faction D is the one that I belong to, of course, and it's what I've been trying to change the site towards for a long time... But I realise that many people just don't LIKE that. So rather than forcing everyone to behave in that way, even if it's unnatural to them, I do wonder whether having four separate sections where everyone can behave naturally and genuinely enjoy themselves, might be best for everyone.

Please choose the faction that you *honestly think* would fit you best on the poll. There's no point choosing faction D just to look impressive or deep or sensitive or whatever; I'm wondering whether people will do that, skewing the results annoyingly.
Forum: My MBTI?

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One thing that I've noticed is that many INFJs are really glad to learn their type because they've always felt misunderstood (though this could be enneatype 4 INFJs specifically, I'm not sure), so they cling willingly to the label much more than other types do. S types like ISFJ, though, often struggle to decide on their type because they're more comfortable with coming to conclusions based on direct experience rather than looking at things abstractly in their mind.

INFJ runs on Introverted Intuition, which makes it easy for them to narrow down many possibilities to one 'correct solution'. It's why I've never struggled typing myself; I clearly see all my traits and easily form some big picture or 'trend line' through them all.

ISFJ has Extroverted Intuition, though, which is all about thinking about many different possibilities and considering them equally valid. It can lead to indecisiveness because 'all things seem to fit me'; finding the 'best fit' seems to be harder with this form of intuiting.

I haven't got much to work with here, but I do wonder if ISFJ might be a better fit than INFJ... I mean, all types have some form of sensing and some form of intuition; it's not as if they're black-and-white on-off dichotomies where INFJ is incapable of sensing and ISFJ is incapable of abstraction or fantasising. Instead, INFJ has Ni/Se and ISFJ has Si/Ne. Being ISFJ doesn't make you incapable of being interested in things beyond what we know.

...I consider myself a traditional person, I don't care for trends or fashion. I like to be 'down-to-earth' and subtle. But I *can* be spontaneous and 'wild', and if I don't have enough change or breaking out of my routine, I just feel depressed. But I do need a routine, because it connects me to past memories and times of my life.

This sounds very much like Si to me! Which INFJ doesn't have. And much of what you say seems like Ne-style 'but everything fits me!' indecision, rather than Ni-style 'I clearly see the correct answer' certainty.

So maybe ISFJ?!

Oh, and I wouldn't rely on tests, especially those that give percentage-based results; I think that kind of thing is misleading... The only way to know your type is to understand yourself and the underlying ideas behind the concept. The tests are only a vague guideline at best.